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Starting 3rd mont of abx: doubts about Clarithromycin (2 diff formats)

Discussion in 'Lyme Disease and Co-Infections' started by skartskard, Aug 12, 2015.

  1. skartskard



    I present myself,

    I am from Spain. I don't wanna reveal my realname (I am Skartskard, I swear :D ). Diagnosed from Lyme Late Stage, Intestinal Dysbiosis, Fructose Malabsorption
    My dr. is a doctor from Belgium (KDM)


    - Diet low on simple sugars

    Well, I am now starting my 3rd month of abx + supplements:
    - Lactoferrin (2 x day)
    - Choline DHA (2 x day)
    - Omega 3 (2 x day) 2000 mg a day (1000 mg each, during breakfast and ).

    I take the 3 above together with foods (breakfast and dinner) with some oil or fats in order to improve their absorption

    - 2 Mutaflor a day (I try to separate them from the abx)
    - 2 x B12 10 mg injections a week
    - Lyphospheric Vitamin C (2g x day, before the breakfast and dinner)
    - Tetralysal 300 mg (2 x day)
    - Clarithromycin 500 mg (1 x day)

    I also take
    - 1 x Enzym DPP-IV Kirkman capsule with each meal

    Well, I tought all the info was clear but today, when trying to get all the pills, but there has been a problem: pharmacologist don't know which one of the two available forms I would need to my case:
    - there's a Clarithromycin 500 mg slow rate of absorption form (in this form the body takes a whole day to be absorbed by the body)
    - there is another one, Clarithromycin 500 mg fast rate of absorption form (in this form the body takes half a day to be absorbed by the body)

    Both of them have the same active principle , but it seems that the mechanism of action is quite different.

    Which one should I choose in my case? Take into account i'm on a full treatment including abx and probiotics (i take yoghourt together with Mutaflor capsule). I want to minimize the cross-interaction between abx and probiotics. I think that if I choose the first choice maybe it could be worse regarding cross-interaction.


    Would this fact maybe exclude the first form (slow absorption rate) in favor of the 2nd choice?

    Please give me info about that. I'm sure there's a situation similar like mine in these forums
    Last edited: Aug 14, 2015
  2. Ema

    Ema Senior Member

    Midwest USA
    I had the regular, not extended release version of clarithromycin.

    But why not ask KDM to be certain?
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  3. skartskard


    I can't get in touch with him. And the assitant doesn't know anything. She just told me to wait until Monday.

    I just would like some info from people on ABX + probiotics +, since I need to switch from my current abx routine to the new one. I am only missing this medicine. I need to know which one is the right one.

    Ema, are you being treated for Lyme Disease? Were you on probiotics while taking
    Clarithromycin 500 mg? (in my case the prescription says only 1 pill 500mg a day)
  4. Ema

    Ema Senior Member

    Midwest USA
    Yes, I have Lyme disease.

    Yes, I take my probiotics at bedtime to try to keep them separated from the abx as much as possible.
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  5. RML

    RML Senior Member

    I took Clarithromycin combined with Doxy for about 2 months last Oct -Nov. I had to take both of them twice a day.

    I have no idea about the slow or fast absorption rate differences or which is best. I bought what the pharmacist produced for me from the prescription/protocol. I didn't think of it further than that or realize there was a different types.

    I just routed out 2 old boxes from my surplus supply to see what they say, but as it is in Dutch and French I cannot help you much. But I can read/understand a bit of French and from the few statements on the box, there is nothing in regards to whether they are fast or slow release.

    Sorry I cannot hep more.

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