Lipkin's Monster ME/CFS Study: Microbes, Immunity & Big Data
The Microbe Discovery Project outlines an ambitious new study by top researchers that has collected patient samples, but needs desperately funds to complete the work.
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Discussion in 'Finances, Work, and Disability' started by Helencz, Mar 23, 2016.

  1. Helencz


    PLEASE HELP! I got the short ss disability update machine read 2 pp form. I have a lot of diagnoses, but when I applied the company helping me listed pots Dysautonomia first which has no ss code. On my form ssa-255-OCR-SM my diagnosis is 2480=medically established disability but no ssa code. Item 5a asks reason for my dr visits (not their names & no records). I need to know from someone who knows FOR SURE what to fill in the boxes for visit reasons when ur listed as the "no code disability" & btw, I'm scored as severe & not expected to work again. My form is DUE! It's late! I even talked to an atty aquaintance who said give too much info. Everyone says don't fill out the remarks section or attach anything. So do I a. List general terms like pots Dysautonomia & be consistent with the 2480 code or do I list all the subdx with codes? This form is after u were approved and u can only mess it up and trigger a full review. All other items I know how to answer. Pls help me & then I can tell u how I initially got approved on my first try. Please help ASAP! Thank you.

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