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Somatic Symptom Disorders Without Known Physical Causes: One Disease with Many Names?

Discussion in 'Institute of Medicine (IOM) Government Contract' started by Kati, Jun 2, 2015.

  1. Kati

    Kati Patient in training

    This seems to be an opinion piece nonetheless very worrisome. Pay for access.


    Patients complaining of pain and/or fatigue in the absence of known physical diseases constitute a high percentage of those seeking general medical care.

    Depending upon the type of physician/specialist consulted, those individuals may receive disease labels that range from an implied psychological origin such as somatoform or psychosomatic disease, or to a presumed physical disease such as fibromyalgia.

    Although all these conditions are regularly associated with fatigue, we are now provided with a new label suggesting another disease category, "systemic exertion intolerance disease", which replaces the previous "chronic fatigue syndrome."

    All these conditions have common, overlapping features that usually consist of both fatigue and pain, and, in the absence of definitive objective confirmation, might be best classified under one heading such as somatic symptom disorder.

    Management of these disorders is challenging, but suggestions for proper identification and treatment are presented.
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  2. Misfit Toy

    Misfit Toy Senior Member

    Presumed physical disease? I am brain fogged, but that seems like what's being said is a "not real disease."

    Oh....."somatic symptom disorder." Well, that's just fabulous. Still? My Lord.

    This whole piece is awful and the articles below it!? It's so disappointing.

    Why have I been thinking things were looking up?
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  3. Valentijn

    Valentijn Senior Member

    Sounds like he ate a bunch of Peter White papers and vomited them back up in a journal.

    More disturbing is that he works at a university and also is on the staff of US News & World Report. And it's a bit bizarre that he's a cardiologist, not an immunologist, neurologist, or even a psychiatrist, yet is relabeling an officially classified neurological disorder with immune features as a psychological problem.

    He looks pretty old though, so maybe he's just hit the "feeble rambling" phase of his life.
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  4. WillowJ

    WillowJ คภภเє ɠรค๓թєl

    WA, USA
    I guess when people won all the awards in their specialty, they get bored and write bloviating articles. Since they have awards and peer review is something of a popularity contest, said articles get published.

    As soon as people figure out this is how things work, they will stop listening.
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