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Should i stop the Antibiotics before seeing KDM

Discussion in 'ME/CFS Doctors' started by Omar88, Oct 12, 2013.

  1. Omar88

    Omar88 Senior Member

    Am going to see KDM in 2/12/2013 and all my hope is in to it, am selling my car and stoping my life wishing to start a new one from there but there is a question that i dont have an answer to it !!

    Am on Moxifloxacin since 2 nearly months and i was feeling much worse due chest and body aches all over after a chest infection that they couldnt figure out and i started this long course of moxi because my Urology doctor wanted me on 2-3 months on AB for my prostate,,

    Now am not sure what i suppose to do ! i know that treatment chlamydia and Mycoplasma spp infections take 6-12 months of AB and am afraid that stopping the treatment is going to throw me on a relapse or an AB resistance as i tried most of the AB in the market and thinking that maybe continuing the course for couples of more months will make me better or could be targeting another unknown infection i might had is making me wondering what to do ?!!

    If i want the pro KDM to test me for infection i should cut the AB one month at least before i get tested and i dont want to waste such opportunity !

    so what do you guys think it the better for me to do ?

    do bacterial serology test works while we are on antibiotics or not ?

    would immune testing change while we are on AB as you know because i already stopped my Valcyte since it will affect viral and immune testing as i read !

    your thoughts, ideas and knowledge will help me a lot so please share it with me
  2. Sushi

    Sushi Moderation Resource Albuquerque


    Why don't you call Redlabs and ask them if the abx will interfere with testing and ask the doctor who prescribed them what the consequences would be of stopping them if the lab thinks that they will interfere?

  3. Omar88

    Omar88 Senior Member


    I did call them and they say it would for the bacterial PCR but not the serology testing.

    and if we want to talk about immune testing i read that natural killer cells and CD57 gets higher when some infections are under treatment so they wont give an accurate number maybe

    My Urology doctor said if you want to stop them in 8 weeks it might be enough cause the course is usually between 6-12 weeks and i can get up to 9 weeks and still will be a month before i go but my prostate is the last thing am thinking about ! its all about the right treatment for the hall situation

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