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Should I continue with all my supplements, or slow down?

Discussion in 'General Treatment' started by renerdrat, Nov 11, 2016.

  1. renerdrat

    renerdrat Every teardrop is a waterfall

    I know healing is a slow process... and I know that I am feeling right now better than I have in the longest time and I continue to feel better every day

    Anyway I just wanted to say that things are doing great, but at the same time it's still very imminent that I'm healing and seems to be taking a toll on my body.. IE my bowel movements are more than regular, feel nauseous regularly, brain fog is prevalent still (nothing too bad though)

    Recently I seem to have developed a cough and pretty constant runny nose... just seems like my body is a little overloaded I think. this was after starting a new probiotic, lactoferrin, and natty-k, oregano oil, this is on top of my regular methylation supplements. Before I would just mostly take nattyk and a smaller dose of probiotic.

    My question really is... should I just slow things down? Or will combining these help better eliminate everything quicker? I generally don't mind the side effects, I'm still able to function and do things, but I'm concerned that I'm taxing my body too much by doing this and in the long run it's not going to help me get better any quicker? Am I wrong?

    Also things like black charcoal, and bentonite clay.. do they actually do anything as far as helping to bind toxins? I just feel like I have no sign of relief when I take them even though they are supposed to
  2. Skippa

    Skippa Anti-BS

    The problem is... if they all help then theoretically, the sooner you bosh them the better.... but

    1) if you take 10 supplements and improve, how do you know 9 aren't redundant and only 1 is helping? ($$)

    2) as soon as you experience an unacceptable side effect, how do you know which supplement it is?

    Finally, I was reading I think it was @Hip 's methods of testing supps, and they said after a while they take a few days break to make sure it really was the supp helping and not a well timed relapse.

    Double finally, with ME/CFS things can always be rushed, for some people progressing from walking to the front door to walking to the end of the garden is rushing it... you risk burn out by taxing the body by expecting it to get used to so many changes so quickly.

    Well, that's my 2cents anyways...
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  3. renerdrat

    renerdrat Every teardrop is a waterfall

    1) Hm.. well I started with just methylfolate, and had symptoms.. added b6 and b12 was good and had a new set of symptoms then I just added magnesium, zinc and b complex and that helped significantly.
    I have thought that some of the extra things I take like vitamin c, fish oil, tmg and a few other things that didn't cost much could very well be a waste of money but science supports taking them and so I'll take them anyway.

    2) I would just say more herx reactions, I don't notice them as much if I take them individually but when I combine them I am effected more. I'm just wondering if that's bad and if I should slow it down.. or if combining them can help have a synergistic effect and be better in the long run?
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  4. taniaaust1

    taniaaust1 Senior Member

    Sth Australia
    Some of the things you mention eg probotics cant do any harm so dont burden your body by taking.

    On the hand some of the things you say science supports.. science only supports if you have a deficency and have been tested saying so.

    Some of the things you are viewing as harmless eg Vitamin C and fish oil, in some cases arent eg I have a genotype in which fish oil should be avoided..

    vitamin C taking this long term in large doses can cause kidney stones and also screw someone up as ones body can adapts to the supplement to the point ones body then can start making less, so if then someone suddenly stops supplementation once body is used to that, rebound scurvy can happen (eg the person can give themselves a vitamin C deficiency). Things like that charcoal and that clay can stop vitamin or medicine absorption

    the cough and runny nose if it continues, it may be a good idea to get a nasal swab for staph as in ME a toxin producing form of staph can happen.

    If what you are doing is helping, you probably should continue in doing it.
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