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Shivering while yawning

Discussion in 'General Symptoms' started by Deatheye, Aug 21, 2011.

  1. Deatheye

    Deatheye Senior Member

    From time to time I get this really bad but I have no Idea what it is.
    It can get so bad that I'm spilling all the liquid around if I hold a glass in my hands.
    But it comes and goes. Of course doctors only look at me like I'm insane if I tell them that.
    Anyone else has this?
  2. alex3619

    alex3619 Senior Member

    Logan, Queensland, Australia
    Hi Deatheye, I have never had this particular symptom, but twice I have had many hours where I was shivering uncontrollably, and I also felt really cold despite everything I could do to warm up. Only a long, and I mean long, almost scalding shower had any effect. I think in my case both these incidents were linked to a cytokine response. The first time was after food poisoning, and the second time was after gastroenteritis.

    Is this a regular event? Is it associated with or preceded by other symptoms or activities?

  3. fla

    fla Senior Member

    Montreal, Canada
    I get shivers when my energy level is really low similar to what normal people would get in very cold weather. (after a long doctor's visit shivers always occur)
    I yawn whenever someone talks to me for a few minutes or more (my wife finds this insulting but the difficulty concentrating makes the brain lack of oxygen IMHO)

    I do not get both simultaneously and the shivers aren't so violent to spill things.
  4. Deatheye

    Deatheye Senior Member

    I once researched it a bit (after I had it from time to time so bad that I coudn't hold any fluid anymore cause I spilled it everywhere...) and the only people I found having this sympthom where MS patients. A lot of them sad they got this long before other MS symthoms showed up and feel like this is some kind of wierd sympthom you get long before it gets diagnosable and it isn't recognized from doctors.

    If it happens I have it a few days, this time it seems to stay for longer then a week. It starts with little shivering gets worser and worser till it slowly goes back again.

    Often it happens without me noticing anything else... I mean nothing special at least I got a lot of chronic problems. I try to look a bit for it...

    I never specially checked for other sympthoms. Right now I have it since a few days but I got pretty wierd sympthoms the last few weeks which are new.

    I was coughing up fluid from my lungs, was collapsing and shivering on the hole body, sometimes reacting to questions but I was giving answers that had nothing to do with the question (at least I was told so, I don't remember). Blood in stool, loss of memory, babbling...

    I also have times where I feel cold and I am shivering cause of this, even thought my temperture isn't sepcially low neither is the room temperture. But this is something else.

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