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Sexuals hormones question

Discussion in 'Hormones' started by funkyqueen, Dec 5, 2015.


(question too long, please see the ? in first comment )

  1. Yes, i have/had one or several episode(s)

  2. No, never

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  1. funkyqueen

    funkyqueen Senior Member

    South of France
    Hi there !

    Who among you has already had one or occasional episodes of :

    "It comes from my entire body the characteristic odor which can be smelt after having sex, ... while I have not had at all any sexual activity"? o_O

    (I spent time doing research, reading etc) but I give up, lol: p
    I read lots of interesting things on prolactin, dopamine, the HPA axis, the relationship between prolactin and immune system, endocrine ... etc, etc, etc.

    but I think firstly, I should make me sure that others PWMEers share with me this symptom ?

    I specify that this kind of odor is not linked to poor hygiene, or , -- but here I am much less sure about that--, a iatrogenic resultant
  2. taniaaust1

    taniaaust1 Senior Member

    Sth Australia
    I have had incidences of a weird smell but it isn't a sexual smell but rather more like a chlorine or chemical smell. Like too much of a chemical substance (bleach?) has built up in my body.
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  3. funkyqueen

    funkyqueen Senior Member

    South of France
    Yep! ;) I experiment the same thing, with episodes of night sweats acids ...
    It is timely... it goes, it comes, for periods of one to several nights ...
    And you wake up the next day literally SMELLING pur acid !!! :depressed:

    I'm pretty confident that it is the lactic acid that we , PWMEers, have in excess, excreted for our pores on night ...

    Or I got a second theory, is that our pores excrete too full of amino acids that we consume taking supplements ...or even without consuming supplements, as our metabolism sucks...

    Or anything else/ more, lol, how to know with this disease wich drive crazy with the importance and fluctuating of symptoms ? ;-)

    But I know that night sweats acids episodes are a symptom of ME, (and besides, we share this symptom with Elhers-Danlos Syndrome's patients , and other diseases)
    Hence my question about the smell of "I smel like if I had spent a hot night ... while absolutely not" ...

    Is my pores excrete too full of pheromones / sex hormones? Is it metabolic? Endocrine? Iatrogenic?
    (I know for example that when one consumes LĂ©vocarnil, many report that emanates from their bodies smell of fish- and I agree, as I took L-Carnitine every day since almost 3 years - but the smell is here from 3grammes a day) ...

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