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SERIOUSLY Intense stabbing Fibro pain in feet and legs

Discussion in 'Pain and Inflammation' started by Uno, Jun 14, 2014.

  1. Uno

    Uno Senior Member

    Brighton, United Kingdom

    I hope you folks don't mind, I am posting this for my mama.

    She has fibro and last year contracted a life threatening Klebsiella infection which she almost died from. Since then she has been experiencing some odd neurological symptoms but she is in crippling pain in her legs and feet. My theory is that the infection, the remnants of it, spread into her nervous system and brain.

    The pain is as follows, I tried to get her to describe it as best she can.

    It generally occurs in one part, like the toe, the back of the heel, the shin. The pain is in her lower legs and feet. It feels like a stabbing pain, so bad she screams. It's an intense stabbing pain but NOT a burning pain or a tingling pain. She sometimes does get pins and needles in her toes though. The pain comes on, then it moves up the leg to another part, then fades off. When it comes her muscles totally collapse and she falls over and has to sit down. She can barely walk due to this. Her feet ache from it too.

    I wonder if anyone else has experienced similar pains and had a diagnosis?

  2. Misfit Toy

    Misfit Toy Senior Member

    Okay, so I have fibro but I do not have pains like that from FIBRO. I think she needs to get to a neurologist or rheumatologist. It's absolutely possible that she has or had an infection that did this. I don't know enough about Klebsiella disease, but I am positive it's possible. I have Sjogrens and have pain all over, but it's like an aching deep bone pain and my feet are so stiff, that is not fibro, but Sjogrens.
  3. barbc56

    barbc56 Senior Member

    I agree with @Misfit Toy .

    My fibro pain is not like your mom's at all. Mine is the deep achy pain.

    Is she seeing any kind of specialist?

    Sounds absolutely horrible what your mom is going through. I wish her the best.

    Last edited: Jun 15, 2014
  4. maryb

    maryb iherb code TAK122

    I have severe shin, too painful to touch sometimes, small nodules on either side of the bone is where the pain is most acute, and foot pain, underneath my soles and side of my heels, I I can't put my feet down sometimes,, the pain is stabbing not like the FM pain which I also have. I just got a positive Lyme diagnosis after 8yrs of first being diagnosed with ME
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  5. Uno

    Uno Senior Member

    Brighton, United Kingdom
    Hi - thanks for replying folks. Sorry you have Lyme Mary, that sucks.

    We think it may be vasculitis. She is going to the hospital tomorrow!
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