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(Scotland) Call for participants in ME/CFS short documentary film

Discussion in 'General ME/CFS News' started by Tom Kindlon, Dec 8, 2016.

  1. Tom Kindlon

    Tom Kindlon Senior Member

    (From the EDMESH newsletter)

    Call for participants in ME/CFS short documentary film

    My name is Jarvis Gray and I’m a documentary filmmaker currently in my final year of my film degree at Edinburgh Napier University. I am in the process of directing my final year project.

    Working within a team of filmmakers from Napier University, I will produce a short documentary exploring life with CFS/ME. My producer and I both have been diagnosed with ME, and so have felt first hand its debilitating effects, and the stigma sufferers can often face. I believe that there is currently no film material that captures the experiences of those with ME/CFS in a realistic manner. I wish for my documentary to raise awareness and insight, and to act as an unbiased introduction to the condition, which until recently has been under-researched and the subject of much misunderstanding.

    Life with ME/CFS is unique for each individual, and I hope to capture a broad spectrum of experiences which will reflect this. The film will follow four people, who will be given a portable camera to capture their day-to-day lives over a two month period. These subjects will be given a list of questions to explore and answer through their filming, which will become a form of visual diary.

    If you are interested in being involved with this stage of the project, please get in touch with me by phone, email or post. I’m happy to provide more information and answer any questions. There are no age restrictions for participants, and no experience of filmmaking is necessary.

    Email: jarvisgrayfilms @ gmail dot com

    [The message also included her postal address and telephone number but I am not posting them publicly]

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