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Root canal verses extraction

Discussion in 'Skeleton, Skin, Muscles, Hair, Teeth, and Nails' started by Bethinoz, Nov 10, 2017.

  1. Bethinoz


    Hi everyone

    I’m feeling so overwhelmed. I had a tooth infection and was talked into having a root canal. I’m Half-way through and have had a major flare-up of symptoms. I’ve read a lot of stuff online about how root canals can harbour chronic infection. I”m leaning towards having it pulled. Then apparently there can be problems even with that. What are your experiences
    Thanks Beth
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  2. Alvin2

    Alvin2 If humans were rational...

    I think the infection crowd is hyped and if your already half way through then get it done and life goes on.
    The exhaustion of getting to appts and dealing with docs and being in medical procedures would fry me even if it was just to remove a bunion
  3. pamojja

    pamojja Senior Member

    You really have to inform yourself and weight the possible pro and contras to make an informed decision yourself. I'm only reporting my experience without wanting to sway it either way. The reason I myself never would have wanted one is the finding, that after autopsy or extraction of a canal-treated tooth there is rarely one without infections.

    Personally got serious tooth decay since early childhood, since I was given tetracycline IVs as new-born against a pneumonia. Which isn't done anymore up to 2 years of age, due to causing such serious decay with early age. Any repair was just for waste, and repaired teeth crumpled even faster.

    So at age 28 got all those teeth-ruins extracted, and a prosthesis instead. All remaining 12 teeth made it through the coming decade. Only at age 39 had to repair one again, where I instructed the dentist to extract it, if it couldn't be saved and wouldn't want a root-canal done. After the dentist-procedure he said, he had done the root-canal treatment anyway :mad:.

    Only recently and in hindsight I realized that serious infections started from there (schistosomiasis and pericarditis), and 2 years later got a serious PAD diagnosis with a 60% walking disability. Then COPD1 and T2D. Despite all odds could get rid of the worst symptoms of these otherwise considered irreversible chronic diseases with lifestyle, diet and supplementing - but ME/CFS symptoms remaining.

    In about 2 weeks get this root-canal treated tooth extracted again. Wish me good luck.

    And good luck to you, which ever way you decide.
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