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Research papers by Leonard Jason - a request for assistance

Discussion in 'Institute of Medicine (IOM) Government Contract' started by Bob, Jan 21, 2014.

  1. Bob


    England (south coast)
    I'm after papers by Jason in which he has specifically done work separating cohorts: e.g. separating CF from CFS, or CFS from ME, or CFS without PEM from CFS with PEM.

    And also papers in which he specifically demonstrates that Fukuda selects patients with other disorders (e.g. psychiatric disorders, or idiopathic fatigue, etc.)

    Has anyone got the details to hand of any relevant papers, please?

    Thanku to anyone who can assist. :thumbsup:
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  2. Bob


    England (south coast)
    Here's one paper, although it's not quite what I was after, in terms of content...

    Contrasting Chronic Fatigue Syndrome versus Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.
    Jason LA, Brown A, Evans M, Sunnquist M, Newton JL.
    Fatigue. 2013 Jun 1;1(3):168-183.
  3. Ember

    Ember Senior Member

    Jason LA, Najar N, Porter N, Reh C. Evaluating the Centers for Disease Control’s empirical chronic fatigue syndrome case definition. J Disabil Pol Studies 2009; 20: 91–100. doi:10.1177/1044207308325995.

    Jason LA, Choi M. Dimensions and assessment of fatigue. In: Watanabe Y, Evengard B, Natelson BH, Jason LA, Kuratsune H, eds. Fatigue Science Human Health. Tokyo: Springer, 2008; 1–16.

    Jason LA, Torres-Harding SR, Jurgens A, Helgerson J. Comparing the Fukuda et al. Criteria and the Canadian case definition for chronic fatigue syndrome. J. Chronic Fatigue Syndr. 2004; 12: 37–52.
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  4. Bob


    England (south coast)
    Ah, I've found one of the papers that i was seeking...

    King C, Jason LA (2004)
    Improving the diagnostic criteria and procedures for chronic fatigue syndrome
    Biological Psychology 68 (2005) 87–106 Files/king.jason04.pdf

    "Even Fukuda, one of the primary authors of the U.S. case
    definition, has stated that the current CFS diagnostic criteria might not exclude people who
    have purely psychosocial stress, or many psychiatric reasons for their fatigue (Fukuda,
    personal communication, August 30, 1995). As a result, individuals with purely psychiatric
    disorders and psychological explanations for their fatigue might be included within the CFS
    rubric. Although it is possible for some individuals with CFS to have psychiatric problems
    before or after the onset of CFS, or even both, the inclusion of individuals with purely
    psychiatric disorders may seriously complicate the interpretation of epidemiological and
    treatment studies (Jason et al., 1997)"

    "The symptoms included in the CFS case definition are also common to many
    other fatiguing medical illnesses and psychiatric conditions. For
    example, symptoms of fatigue, headache, unrefreshing sleep, muscle pain,
    and impaired memory and concentration frequently experienced by people
    with multiple sclerosis and major depression. Again, because of the
    degree of symptom overlap, it is very possible for a person with either
    MS or major depression to fulfill the symptomatic criteria of the current
    CFS case definition when only symptom occurrence is measured. Although
    many of the symptoms of CFS are common to many conditions, it is possible
    that the severity at which these symptoms are experienced by individuals
    with CFS is not. Use of symptom severity ratings with cutoff scores may
    therefore help to differentiate CFS from other illnesses with similar
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  5. Bob


    England (south coast)
    Thank you @Ember. I'll have a look through those.

    Edit: Very helpful, thanku Ember. :)
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  6. Izola

    Izola Senior Member

    Thanku to anyone who can assist. :thumbsup:
    Bob: The following is one of 20? pages pf Dr Jason's work. I'm sorry it is not formatted, I use unformated when able because "the devil" usually rides on formatted for me. Dr Jason's will be formatted. His list will be at the 2nd to the following url

    His Home page is:
    Note: The list of his papers may be up to 20 pages long.
    I would love to go through and do the picking out but I am well into an immense migraine. I can't speak for him, of course, but if there are not copies of some on web, Dr. Jason's office might be willing to do an E "send over"

    Paste this url into your browser to see all my publications and number of citations:

    Show: 1-20Next >
    Title / Author Cited by Year
    A community-based study of chronic fatigue syndrome
    LA Jason, JA Richman, AW Rademaker, KM Jordan, AV Plioplys, RR Taylor, W ...
    Archives of Internal Medicine 159 (18), 2129 567 1999
    Active enforcement of cigarette control laws in the prevention of cigarette sales to minors
    LA Jason, PY Ji, MD Anes, SH Birkhead
    JAMA: the journal of the American Medical Association 266 (22), 3159-3161 287 1991
    Identification of ambiguities in the 1994 chronic fatigue syndrome research case definition and recommendations for resolution
    WC Reeves, A Lloyd, SD Vernon, N Klimas, LA Jason, G Bleijenberg, B Evengard ...
    BMC health services research 3 (1), 25 264 2003
    A social stress model of substance abuse.
    JE Rhodes, LA Jason
    Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology 58 (4), 395 197 1990
    Understanding chronic fatigue syndrome: An empirical guide to assessment and treatment.
    F Friedberg, LA Jason
    American Psychological Association 148 1998
    Preventing substance abuse among children and adolescents.
    JE Rhodes, LA Jason
    Pergamon Press 129 1988
    Participatory community research: Theories and methods in action.
    LA Jason, CB Keys, YE Suarez-Balcazar, RR Taylor, MI Davis
    American Psychological Association 120 2004
    Politics, science, and the emergence of a new disease:< em> The case of chronic fatigue syndrome</em>.
    LA Jason, JA Richman, F Friedberg, L Wagner, R Taylor, KM Jordan
    American Psychologist 52 (9), 973 111 1997
    Earn per view television viewing regulation device
    LA Jason
    US Patent 5,142,358 108 1992
    Effects of enforcement of youth access laws on smoking prevalence
    LA Jason, M Berk, DL Schnopp-Wyatt, B Talbot
    American journal of community psychology 27 (2), 143-160 103 1999
    Preventive psychology: Theory, research, and practice
    Pergamon 97 1983
    Oxford House: A review of research and implications for substance abuse recovery and community research
    LA Jason, MI Davis, JR Ferrari, PD Bishop
    Journal of Drug Education 31 (1), 1-28 94 2001
    Communal housing settings enhance substance abuse recovery
    LA Jason, BD Olson, JR Ferrari, AT Lo Sasso
    American Journal of Public Health 96 (10), 1727-1729 91 2006
    A screening instrument for chronic fatigue syndrome: reliability and validity
    LA Jason, MT Ropacki, NB Santoro, JA Richman, W Heatherly, R Taylor, JR ...
    Journal of chronic fatigue syndrome 3 (1), 39-59 90 1997
    Twelve-step program use among Oxford House residents: Spirituality or social support in sobriety?
    MA Nealon-Woods, JR Ferrari, LA Jason
    Journal of Substance Abuse 7 (3), 311-318 90 1995
    10. Mixing and matching: Levels of conceptualization, measurement, and statistical analysis in community research.
    M Shinn, AW Wicker, LR Allen, C Cherniss, II Davidson, S William, MJ Elias ... 90 1990
    The need for substance abuse after-care: Longitudinal analysis of Oxford House
    LA Jason, MI Davis, JR Ferrari
    Addictive Behaviors 32 (4), 803-818 89 2007
    Pilot study examining factors asscociated with academic success for hispanic high school students
    O Reyes, LA Jason
    Journal of Youth and Adolescence 22 (1), 57-71 89 1993
    Chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, and multiple chemical sensitivities in a community-based sample of persons with chronic fatigue syndrome-like symptoms
    LA Jason, RR Taylor, CL Kennedy
    Psychosomatic Medicine 62 (5), 655-663 86 2000
    Chronic fatigue syndrome: the need for subtypes
    LA Jason, K Corradi, S Torres-Harding, RR Taylor, C King
    Neuropsychology Review 15 (1), 29-58 85 2005

    Sorry to just dump & go.. Headache very bad. Izola
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  7. Bob


    England (south coast)
    I've got what I need now thanks folks.

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