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Requesting help with treating COMT, VDR (Heterozygous) and MAO A (Homozygous)

Discussion in 'Genetic Testing and SNPs' started by Nebben, Feb 19, 2015.

  1. Nebben


    Hello everyone! I've been doing as much reading as I can about this for a few weeks now, but it's pretty hard for me to understand. From what I understand, I don't have major issues with methylation, but I do have issues with breaking down neurotransmitters and dealing with oxidative stress.

    My genes of concern:

    COMT V158M +/-
    COMT H62H +/-

    VDR Bsm +/-
    VDR Taq +/-

    MAO A R297R +/+

    MTHFR C677T +/-
    MTRR A664A +/-
    BHMT-08 +/-
    CBS C699T +/-

    I'm very confused about which supplements I should be taking, and which order to go about adding things in. Someone recommended Bacopa Monnieri, another recommended ALA. It seems from Amy Yasko's "simplified guide" that I'd need some form of B12 (Hydroxy and/or Adenosyl B12).

    I don't want to just throw things into the mix without understanding everything as I may not really fix anything that way, unless I happen to pick the right things.

    I'm hoping that my mixture of genes will be relatively easy to treat, and I would really appreciate a little guidance. I've had problems with anxiety, concentration and mood for half my life and it's getting worse the older that I get. Antidepressants and mood stabilizers have been a complete failure.

    Can anyone please help me with a basic outline of which supplements I could try adding, and in which order? Thanks for any advice at all!

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