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Requesting help homozygous MTHFR A1298C, hetero VDR/MTR/MTRR

Discussion in 'Genetic Testing and SNPs' started by katherine10, Aug 9, 2018.

  1. katherine10


    I am relatively new to this forum. I've had B12 deficiency before and was treated with injections; recently the tingling has returned, so I thought it might be coming back. I also recently got a 23andme test, and before this my doctor had told me I'm probably a poor methylator given that I eat well--lo and behold, I looked up my raw data and found I'm +/+ for MTHFR A1298C. Since then I've done a little research but am struggling to understand the correct supplement protocol.

    Genetic Genie also says I have these heterozygous mutations:
    • VDR Bsm
    • VDR Taq
    • MTR A2756G
    • MTRR A66G
    • CBS C699T
    After reading into the possible symptoms, I'm wondering if these mutations are at least partly responsible for symptoms: lately, due to life circumstances, I've felt utterly depressed for about a year now and have little hope. I also have orthostatic hypotension, which seems to have been getting worse (I probably black out, without passing out, about 5-10 times per day when I stand up too quickly).

    What supplements would you recommend? Initially I thought methyl B12 and L-methylfolate, but after reading the SNP interpretation guide and Dr. Amy's Simplified Road Map, it seems like I should be taking all three types with less methyl B12?

    Thanks everyone--I appreciate all responses!
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    Many of us have those SNPs, too, but genetics is only one piece of it. Yes, you may have a higher need for 5-MTHF or MB12, but environmental factors such as toxic exposures, infections, and other stressors csn dramatically impact how much of which nutrient you need. The same person can have significantly different needs over time.

    This is why using someone else's methylation protocol (including Freddd's and the Simplified methylation protocol) can create problems and even be dangerous. There are people all over this site who have gotten into trouble taking methylating nutrients in doses that aren't right for their personal biochemistry.

    The best thing would be for you to have some good nutrient testing done, ideally with some heavy metal testing, as a basis for customizing a protocol that's right for you. The most comprehensive test available is a Genova Diagnostics NutrEval test, which is available in several countries. Ideally, you'd work with a knowledgeable doctor who could guide you.

    Also, in addition to folate and B12, you'll also want to find doses of B2, B6, magnesium, B1, molybdenum, and possibly potassium, trimethylglycine, methionine, glycine, glutamine, NAC, and selenium that are right for you.

    It's also best to read all you can about the different pieces of methylation so you can learn to manage symptoms as they arise and harness this powerful tool to work for you.
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