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Reformulated Anti-Candida/Biofilm Drug

Discussion in 'Antivirals, Antibiotics and Immune Modulators' started by end, Jun 7, 2014.

  1. end



    With Candida infections incredibly difficult to treat and like many including myself having a complete and utter resistance to treatment using the standard drugs(diflucan nilstat terbinafine etc)there has been one drug company taking note and has reformulated Amphotericin B they now call "Ambisome" which has demonstrated an eradication of the yeasts biofilm therefor eliminating the infection much more effectively then the standard compounds

    Study is well worth reading

    Dr Deitrict Klighardt has made multiple comments in regards to the effect of liposomal compounds "penetrating" pathogenic biofilms
  2. Ambrosia_angel

    Ambrosia_angel Senior Member

    Thank you so much. Im immune to clotrimazole, fluconazole and now miconazole. Nothing even kills the infection which is a lot weirder then it reccuring. I don't know what to do anymore. Its horrible.

    Through my search for a candida cure over the years, I've come across many myths and its taken a while to separate truth from fact.

    Cheap antifungal creams coupled with us eating antibiotics like its candy is wrecking our body. Sadly people are giving incorrect treatment online and are trying to make money out of others by saying candida is causing their very usual tiredness and any other symptom they may have making a serious infection come across as trivial.

    Its all good that they are going to sell this drug but how long will it take and doctors don't always have knowledge of them. At the end of the day its not going to stop the epidemic or get to the root cause. I do hope it can give relief to someone out there.
  3. ukxmrv

    ukxmrv Senior Member

    Thanks for that. I'm glad Amphotericin B is becoming popular again as it was one of the drugs I had early on that cleared up my candida problems quickly and with no side effects (my GP gave me liver tests while I was on it). The others that I tried at that time made me feel poisoned and didn't have the same quick, effective action.

    I'm also interested in the way it seems to have had a new role in possibly clearing up sinus infections in a spray. Would love to try some of that on mine but in the UK so may be a problem getting some.
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  4. end


    Hi Ambrosia-angel

    From the link posted:

    "our lab and others have demonstrated a near-total resistance to antifungal agents by biofilm associated Candida"

    That probably explains the reason for our treatment failures. Agreed, the fact that the typical antifungal drugs are not working concerns me a lot also

    Here is the link to the NPS in Australia which outlines the drug:

    And like you mentioned most Doctors are unaware that this liposomal version is available and even if they are, they still seem to favour the conventional and much less effective older drugs I think mainly because biofilm associated infections are still not readily understood by most Doctors

    At the moment it seems access to Ambisome is reserved as a last resort, while many of us are suffering. With time, hopefully things will change...
  5. matters


    Have you guys tried heavy metal and chemical detox? I dont' think heavy metal causes candida but once it's established won't go away until the metals and chemicals are gone. Also keeping the gut as acidic as possible, with butyrate for example, since candida turns gut alkaline, it becomes perpetual infection.. I've had a tough time with candida too.. but have refrained from being on pharma drugs too long for fear of mutation.

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