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refeeding syndrome

Discussion in 'General ME/CFS Discussion' started by sunshine44, Dec 7, 2018.

  1. sunshine44


    can someone give me some info that isn't super complicated or point me in right direction please and thank you?
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  2. Mary

    Mary Moderator

    Southern California
    @sunshine44 - I think this article is pretty good:
    It defines refeeding syndrome as:
    I don't fit into any of the categories they mention as being at risk for refeeding syndrome. However, I have experienced symptoms of refeeding syndrome when my potassium levels tanked after starting methylfolate. Rather sudden and potentially severe drops in potassium are very common in persons who are deficient in B12 and/or folate, who start taking the B12 and/or folate.

    I also had my phosphorous levels drop after starting thiamine. The thiamine initially boosted my energy quite a bit, but it was followed a day or 2 later by severe fatigue, which I was able to determine was caused by hypophosphatemia - the fatigue lifted after I drank several glasses of kefir, which is high in phosphorous.
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