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Raised Lymph in the back of throat

Discussion in 'Antivirals, Antibiotics and Immune Modulators' started by pgoody, May 8, 2013.

  1. pgoody



    I am new to this section of the forum. I have been reading a lot of the methylation protocol forums to see if I could possibly figure out a way to help my current state. I happened upon this forum after reading into Dr. Walsh's book about methylation. His book primarily focuses on psychiatric disorders, not on CFS but apparently a lot of things can be helped by manipulating methylation in our bodies.

    Anyways moving onto how this is tied into my immune system. About a year ago, I returned home from spending a year teaching English in China. The year in China was really hard on me. I was with a good group of college friends but I still only limped through the teaching program I was in. When I came home, I was starting to have some reactions to food, which increased my anxiety and panic levels to a point to where I didn't know if I was actually just panicking or having an actual reaction to food. The first 2 reactions I had were definite reactions of some time where I had to make a trips to the bathroom as whatever I had eaten really activated my gut. I was having issues with swallowing, kind of like it felt really dry.

    So all this caused me to look in the mirror at my throat, since with the anxiety I was always worried about my throat closing etc. What I noticed from doing that is I have a lot of bumps on the back of my throat. I did some searching and I am fairly certain that the bumps are just raised lymphocytes. Now I know further back on your tongue there are raised bumps as well, but these are on back of my throat past the dangly thing and the tonsils. When I went to the doctor and asked him to look at the back of my throat he said he saw no reason for concern. The only other person I have been able to compare myself to is my Mom who has no bumps on the back of her throat.

    A year later, I still suffer from vastly worse anxiety than I ever have and these raised bumps are still there. They are always the same shape (as I sort of memorized the way my throat looked so I knew if any changes were occurring). After reading a bunch on this forum I have heard some people have underlying infections like Lyme or h pylori and other things. I am wondering if anyone knows if 1) having raised throat lymphocytes is a completely normal thing and 2) if these could be being caused by some underlying virus

    When I was in China I had been sick with something and had some friends take me to a hospital there. The Chinese doc told me I had a virus and he gave me what I think I remember to be some probiotics. Then I got better. Otherwise, aside from the possible allergy reactions I had when I came back I haven't had any other apparent symptoms of being sick with a cold or a virus. I think OCD can be aggravated by some underlying conditions, some people even develope it from strep.

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