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Radio interview about Secondlife art project focusing on ME/CFS and other disabled artists

Discussion in 'General ME/CFS News' started by Traskin, Dec 8, 2014.

  1. Traskin


    Hello, im from the ME/CFS Centre in the virtual world Secondlife and thought id post link to a short radio interview some may be interested in.

    First some backstory, this past year the University of Western Australia did an art project called "The Freedom Project". Following is an excerpt describing the project.

    The Freedom Project is a 2D/3D Art & Film Event organized jointly by the University of Western Australia, along with members of the Virtual Ability group, and the Centre for ME/CFS and Other Invisible Illnesses* group in Second Life. We are calling for artists and film makers from all over the world who self-identify as having a disability or a chronic illness, to create an artwork or a film/machinima on the theme of ‘Freedom’, showing how virtual worlds have in some way helped them or those around them.

    The project was recently showcased at the Other Film Festival, a disability film festival in Melbourne. ABC Radio National did an 8 minute interview with the project organizer that you can listen to here

    Posted with permission from the project organizer

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