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Protecting Higher-Dose Supplements 6/14/16 via ANH

Discussion in 'Other Health News and Research' started by *GG*, Jun 14, 2016.

  1. *GG*

    *GG* senior member

    Concord, NH
    A new study reveals why the science behind European and other anti-supplement regulations is completely outmoded.

    Last week, our partners at ANH-International released a report by the Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research. It offers an approach to determining the precise amount of vitamins and minerals each individual needs for optimal health, depending on age, stage of life, gender, and other individual requirements.

    This information is sorely needed. For years now, European authorities have been working to restrict access to supplements in the European Union—both limiting the products that can be sold, and also establishing scientifically unsound minimum and maximum permitted levels for vitamins and minerals.

    For example, European authorities have proposed setting the maximum limit for a beta carotene supplement at the amount found in half a large carrot, while that for selenium would be no more than what is typically available in one-third of a Brazil nut. We believe that this anti-supplement agenda is largely driven by the desire of drug companies either to eliminate competition from supplements or to control the industry.


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  2. Rvanson

    Rvanson Senior Member

    I dont pay anu attention to such things. The medical profession is a joke to me.. a bad joke. I have used medications bought using
    the Internet for years, and I take at least 3000
    mg of vitamin C per day, as well as many other supplements that I have found over the years
    that help me.

    Pardon me, but the medical profession can kiss my royal arse. I have no use for them nor
    the FDA here in America, who have tried to make vitamin C a prescription supplement.

    I have taken Vit C for many years, even before
    my CFS/ME. I even use it much higher doses to kill viruses and bacteria, and its a very safe vitamin.

    Most mammals make vit C internally, but we humans do not, as we lack the genes to do so. It must come from food or suppliments. Its vital for collagen formation and has many other uses in the human body, including the immune system.
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  3. Justin30

    Justin30 Senior Member

    If the Americans were to do this then many people would be deficient.

    The only thing in amercan soil is round up and miracle grow lol...

    Do they have a nutrient category for this?
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  4. Valentijn

    Valentijn Senior Member

    They did this with Yohimbe in the Netherlands, completely outlawing the over-the counter sale of it and claiming that it could be offered as a prescription instead.

    There is still no prescription form of it after 5+ years, so it remains impossible to obtain without traveling to another country.

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