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Practical tests to find out why probiotics cause adverse reactions

Discussion in 'The Gut: De Meirleir & Maes; H2S; Leaky Gut' started by Waverunner, May 7, 2011.

  1. Waverunner

    Waverunner Senior Member


    this question came up here quite often. Why do probiotics cause problems for many PWCs? There are not many studies about it and most of them are of no value for us. I'm convinced that we should take matters into our own hands as good as we can, as long as there is no alternative.

    Therefore I would like to conduct some practical "tests" and observe their results in order to shed more light into the mechanism behind the problems. Why wait for others to do studies for you when we can find out at least something by ourselves?

    Please feel free to participate.

    Test 1: Take your probiotic after you get up in the morning but don't eat anything for the next 3-4 hours/till lunch.

    For me it seems that when I take probiotics shortly after I get up and don't eat anything for the next 3-4 hours, I seem to tolerate it better. However if I take them before a meal or during the day they cause great flareups. Maybe the adverse reactions can only be caused by probiotic + food, where the food gets metabolized in the wrong way. It would be awesome if others could tell me their observations. Do you get adverse reactions to probiotics when you take them after you get up and don't eat anything afterwards for some hours OR do you tolerate them better now? If you need your breakfast or food within 3-4 hours after you get up, please do not take part in the test.

    The basic aim: We try to find out if it is the probiotic that causes the problem OR if it is a byproduct.

    I started the test today [I took the same probiotic to lunch yesterday and got a huge flareup afterwards, right now it's 2 hours after I took it and I'm fine. EDIT: 3 hours later I start to feel slightly unwell EDIT2: 4-5 hours later I feel very good].
  2. .o.Amy.o.


    Hello Waverunner,

    I find this really interesting because I did not know others with ME/CFS also had problems with probiotics. Probiotics have always caused flareups for me. My naturopath is always saying how they are the most important supplement for me to take but I have just recently stopped taking them and feel quite a lot better. They were also causing me a low grade depression which I tried to convince myself was not happening. It has totally lifted since stopping them. I had been taking them for many years and in the last 6 months always in the evening around 2 hours after dinner. This gave me the worst effects. My stomach, legs and feet would burn. My neuro symtoms would increase greatly and I'd also become very agitated. I also tried taking them during the day without and with food. Both ways made me sick but not as sick as when I took them in the evening. For me, taking them during the day with food seemed to be slightly better. I tried a different brand of probiotic that was much stronger a few weeks ago and god it was awful! All my neuro symptoms went into over drive, especially my muscle problems. When I woke up the next day I could barely move. I felt like I had climbed a mountain the day before. Everything hurt. I never took that one again.

    I was reading an Autism forum recently where many people were also intolerant of probiotics. I believe Autism and ME/CFS have some links which is interesting.

    Basically I've come to the conclusion that probiotics just aren't going to work for me and to stop forcing it. I'm sorry I can't take part in your test but I hope your experiments give you some good results and you are able to find a way to tolerate them better. If I could find a way to tolerate them I would still be taking them.

  3. ukxmrv

    ukxmrv Senior Member

    I'll look more closely at my probiotic reactions and report back, Waverunner.

    My experience is that probiotics didn't cause any adverse reaction. Took them (different brands) for about ten years. Then at a time when I was having lost of antibiotics for sinus infections they suddenly stopped having any effect. Tried different brands but nothing. Didn't notice any bad effects though.

    The good effects were

    1. flat stomach with no bloating
    2. quicker stomach transit time for food (it often gets stuck for days)
    3. less diarrhoea

    I've just bought some more probiotics to try again
  4. leaves

    leaves Senior Member

    Some people are ok with probiotics but intolerant of strep strains. Does your pro iotic contains strep strains?
  5. Waverunner

    Waverunner Senior Member

    I take Align which contains Bifidobacterium infantis.

    Amy: I completely understand you. There are some probiotics which cause huge problems for me and others. It makes absolutely no sense to take them. It would very interesting if science would take a look at this and tell us why they cause problems.
  6. Shellbell

    Shellbell Senior Member

    Hi Guys, are any of you taking any antimicrobials? I was reading the other day that probiotics should be pulsed with antimicrobials, taking a few hours a part, 3x a day. If not, the probiotics can feel the bad bacteria in the gut.

    This information came from a patient of a alternative GI doc I will be seeing in a month. I will know more then. Anyway, maybe this needs to be considered.

    For me, probiotics always seemed to help me before becoming ill. Now I react to them. But I also know that I have high levels of strep and staph in my gut. Whether taking probiotics aggravate this and cause excess growth, I don't know.

    Waverunner, I will be willing to jump in on the experiment in a month after seeing the new doc. Good luck!

  7. xchocoholic

    xchocoholic Senior Member


    I use Country Life Dairy free which is also GF ... and Megaflora ...

    I know I get dark circles around my eyes if I eat dairy kefir but can't remember playing with dairy probiotic capsules ... x

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