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Potassium and mineral balance

Discussion in 'General ME/CFS Discussion' started by Pet Peeve, Feb 8, 2016.

  1. Pet Peeve

    Pet Peeve

    Hi guys. Norwegian male, 34, who's been lurking around for a while.

    I have a question I hoped you could help me with.

    I'm pretty sure I have pyroluria as I have all the symptoms, I also have the low b6 gene homozygous ++. I have been diagnosed with high homocysteine and given folic acid by a doctor which after a while made everything worse. I must be undermethylating as I have a lot of allergies and underweight. I'm homo for mthfr as well as both of the bhmt genes that I can see. Have started methylfolate and methyl b12 as well as tmg.

    What's puzzling me that just seems too large and complicated to get a grip on and just sends me around in circles when I try to understand it is my mineral balance. I can't stand supplemental calcium, I get breathing problems and feel unwell. I have to be carefull with salt as it can easily increase my blood pressure to uncomfortable levels. I don't feel much when supplementing magnesium but rub some magnesium oil on my stomach a few times a week to be sure I get what I need.

    While potassium, I found out through cronometer I'm not getting enough of through food so I supplement potassium glauconate in water every day. I have to take the potassium or else I get a feeling of dread and anxiety. The potassium is so calming and makes me feel so good, like everything is going to be ok. I did a blood test for potassium a while back before I started supplementing, and it came back high normal, almost clinically excessive. It must not be taken up by the cells or something.

    I think I should get more calcium, my teeth are not very nice, but they looked really white and shiny after supplementing calcium and k2 mk4 for a while (I had to stop it as it made me so bad).

    Please Phoenix rising, do you have any idea what could be wrong here. I'm happy to give more info.

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