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Polylactate and George Brooks

Discussion in 'General Treatment' started by Rarnik, Jun 2, 2017.

  1. Rarnik


    Hi all,

    I'm quite lucky in the distance I can walk without any obvious tiredness these days, though I have a limit and hills reduce it so I minimise those. In my hilly town, I find myself with only one route I can take and so have walked it most days over the last 8-9 years.

    I have to walk then stop for a good while before returning. If I try to walk back straight off, I rapidly discover my cut off point with a sudden feeling of blood rushing from my face, a deadening of my consciousness (I don't know how else to explain it) with a dose of etc's. You know any way, symptoms and suddenly and basically I'm screwed because that means I've done too much and every step beyond that is making me worse.

    My most keenly felt problem is what's going on in the brain space. It's getting slowly worse and it had got to the point that uttering a few sentences would have me experiencing a terrible tiredness, a mental fatigue. I overcame that with intranasal insulin, which worked okay for a while, and definitely saved me from getting rapidly worse. Then a solution of dessicated thyroid with t1, t2, t3 , t4 and other goodies, blasted more of it away.

    But that's only the mental fatigue and something is still very wrong in the brain space. Sorry, I'm getting to the point but I obviously needed to spew a bit of my story out.

    Anyway, I'm having to use the nhs so I've basically had no help for the last 10 years. I am too tired to watch the video (well understand it) or too understand anything I read, beyond the most basic stuff.

    I've heard people talking about the lactate shuttle. I've tried to understand different views but no banana.

    Here's the theory:

    The next link takes you to a clickable timeline for a video hosted on youtube by Rhona PAtrick at foundmyfitness with George Brooks who developed the theory:

    What I really want to know about is at 17.55 minutes. He talks about polylactate:

    There is a sports drink with polylactate in. It contains some other stuff maybe not great for CFs (glutamine -don't know where I got this idea from). Might this drink help out with our condition? It's fairly cheap away from Amazon and Ebay (in the uk) and I was wondering whether to try it. I'vs spent so much on strategies and supplements to little avail. I understand it might be best to just try it but thoughts please. Having trouble typing now so I'll leave it there.
  2. MeSci

    MeSci ME/CFS since 1995; activity level 6?

    Cornwall, UK
    Funny - I can't find any hits for polylactate or George Brooks on this site. I tried 'polylactic' and got one old message from Erik Johnson, which didn't look relevant. Maybe they are under something else? They don't appear when I search for 'Cytomax'.

    Might be OK, but maybe only temporarily, as many things are?

    I haven't looked in detail at your links as I'm not up to it at present.

    I use l-Glutamine, but only cautiously now since I had a worsening last year.
  3. Rarnik


    Thanks for the response.

    Yeah, it's funny but I thought there would be hits for George Brooks as I'm sure I've been seen him mentioned before but I, like you, got nothing.

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