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Please help, what could this be?

Discussion in 'General Symptoms' started by Azrael, Feb 20, 2016.

  1. Azrael


    I was about a year ago on the way of getting better by taking different supps.

    Then I was on a colonoscopy to check if I had crohns, fungal or any other inflammation in my colon.

    I also had to drink a salt mixture 24 hours before and had to eat nothing after that.

    Anyway after this checkup my health have slowly degraded as slowly as my health improved before the colon cleanse.

    Brain fog, head sleeping, allergy symptoms, chronic fatigue, pain in stomach, feeling overall inflammated, occassionaly feeling flu symptoms. Symptoms in bold are the worst.

    I tried to get some feedback from the doctor but of course he only said that most likely nothing is wrong/I'm imagining things/delusional etc etc. Pretty much the feedback I should have expected.

    It's a year after this checkup of my colon and I'm still degrading, that means I have done NOTHING for 1 entire year. It might be that I'm reaching the end of the degradation soon, that means it will take about same time it took to reach end to get where I was before the cleanse. Cause that's how I seen this work for me before.

    I'm being ignored and treated like SHIT but I shouldn't be surprised and shouldn't absolutely be shocked cause that's how things works in my country. I'm a 2nd class citizen and cats and dogs have better healthcare than me. The best thing is if you healthy and don't have anything to do with health system or the state for that matter. Just work slave!

    What is really wrong?

    What is really interesting is the fact that a colon cleanse have had this impact on my health and I should say the colon looked just fine, no fungal, no crohns and no kind of inflammation. Believe me this colon cleanse would have been better avoided, it has costed me way too much.

    Here's the things I did in relation with the colon cleanse.

    1) Had to drink salt mixture
    2) Not eat anything for about 21 hours

    I have some theories, but don't want to make you bias. Please ask away or give some suggestions on what you think might be wrong with me.

    Please help.
  2. Skippa

    Skippa Anti-BS

    Your digestive system is one of the filters against nasties (pathogens) entering your system..

    I always felt that things being introduced up the bum circumvent this first line of defence, maybe you got an ass infection? Proper medical term lol.

    Good luck figuring it out :)
  3. roller

    roller wiggle jiggle

    they dont know what pathogens are out there, and quite a few known aint destroyed by anti-sepctic cleaning agents etc.

    perhaps, if you want to get really sick you best go to a doctor/hospital?
  4. Azrael




    If I want to get really sick, what do you mean?

    If you mean before I get really sick I should go visit a doctor.

    If that's it, I would say no point, there's no qualified doctors or anyone the slightest interested in me and my problems here. I'm solo doing this.

    If I have some qualified theories I can order lab works from oversea by paying for it myself, but then I need some meat on my bones and not shot blanks in the dark.
  5. leela

    leela Slow But Hopeful

    Couchland, USA
    The mixture and the cleanout might have disrupted the balance of your intestinal flora and possibly also broken up some biofilms, releasing critters/toxins/metals sequestered within.
    You could do a stool test to see what your intestinal flora populations are like. Metagenics and Doctor's data in the US do a good CSA (comprehensive stool analysis.)
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  6. WoolPippi

    WoolPippi Senior Member

    Hi, I'm looking into high catecholamines at the moment and found a post from you about that, a couple of years ago. You have it too.

    I want to let you know that colon motility is seriously dampened by dopamine. It can cause food to spend way too much time in the colon, making it stretch and buldge. Causing bocily stress which in turn fires up all your catecholamines again.

    High catecholamines hinder the whole digestive track. No uptake, no nutrients, no Rest and Digest modus for the Parasympathetic Nervous System. Disaster for pwme.

    I think there's a reverse connection too: colonoscopy gave your body stress and fired up the catecholamines. And noe you're in a loop.

    I'm just talking here but my advice to you is go back to what you did before: lower catecholamines.
    Gently encourage COMT to break them down (remember Kimsies replies to you, back in 2013?), keep warm, avoid blood sugar spikes, don't eat amines in your food and try to damped your rage and frustration for pure physiologically reasons. (let me know if you know a good way because I struggle with this too. Having faulty MAO A enzym makes it very hard to be chill and mellow. We're working against biology here.)

    Just to be clear: I don't critize you/me for being angry or frustrated. I'm just pointing out it's not helping us because it raises catecholamines of which we have too much already.

    Atm I'm looking into a more happy colon and with high dopamine I best avoid fibers, bulk and vegetables in my diet. Or things like nuts and tomato skins. I ignore 90% of what internet says is good for colon. They just echo each other, touting general knowledge. For general colon problems.
    You too are part of a specialistic part of patients. You have to sift through 90% of doctors before you find one that's able to talk to you about your case. Keep courage.
  7. Hope78

    Hope78 Senior Member


    That's interesting. Because I have severe motility issues with stomach and gut going on (sometimes gastroparesis and extreme constipation) and I am high in dopamine and probably low in acetylcholine (which is known to enhance gut motility) due to methylation issues.
    High dopamine is genetically in my case and unfortunately I have no clues how to bring it down to more normal levels.
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  8. WoolPippi

    WoolPippi Senior Member

    My GP advises to try and raise serotonin since it has an adverse effect on dopamine.

    He has noticed that people on SSRI's often get diarrea which indicates increased gut motility/ passage.

    I found a casus where Crohn's disease was cured by giving precursors to both dopamine and serotonin but in a healthy ratio. It turned out the patient had way too much serotonin in his gut, on his own. Once balance was restored his Crohn's of 22 years was gone. It only took a few days. It was published in a medical journal.

    Perhaps we have "reverse Crohn's" amd raising serotonin would be something nice to try? (instead of trying to loeer dopamin).

    If you look online for Braverman Neurotransmitter Online you'll find a free questionaire which how the four neurotransmitters ratio in your brain. Might be a clue about gut ratio too.
  9. Jimbo39

    Jimbo39 Senior Member

    San Deigo, CA
    Yikes! I'm scheduled for a colposcopy fri. Now I want to cancel. What should I do?

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