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Plasma leptin concentration is associated with fatigue severity in patients with cardiovascular risk

Discussion in 'Other Health News and Research' started by JaimeS, Aug 20, 2016.

  1. JaimeS

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    Silicon Valley, CA

    Fatigue induced by complex dysfunctions of the central nervous system is frequently complained
    by patients with cardiovascular risk factors. Although leptin is considered to regulate the central
    nervous system, there are no reports regarding its association with fatigue in those patients. This
    cross-sectional study included 347 patients with cardiovascular risk factors. Fatigue score and
    plasma leptin concentration were measured. In addition, abdominal fat accumulation, systemic
    inflammation, sleep condition, and functions of hypothalamus-pituitary axis and autonomic
    system were estimated. Plasma leptin concentration (natural logarithm transformed) was
    significantly and positively (r=0.222, p<0.001) associated with fatigue score, and significantly
    (p<0.001) higher in the moderately-fatigued group (2.32±0.75 ng/ml, mean ± SD, n=52) than in
    the normally-fatigued group (1.85±1.02 ng/ml, mean ± SD, n=295). Multiple logistic regression
    analysis showed that plasma leptin concentration was significantly and independently associated
    with a moderately-fatigued condition independent of other factors, including age, gender,
    presence of diabetes, hypertension, dyslipidemia, alcohol consumption habit, urinary free cortisol,
    serum high-sensitive CRP concentration, visceral and subcutaneous fat area, apnea/hypopnea
    index, sleep efficiency, and heart rate variability. Hyperleptinemia may contribute to fatigue
    severity in patients with cardiovascular risk factors.


    Thought this was interesting. They do talk about chronic fatigue syndrome in the full text, and we've talked about leptin quite a bit on these boards...

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