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Patient donates book proceeds to Solve ME/CFS Initiative

Discussion in 'Fundraising' started by Emily Taylor, Dec 16, 2016.

  1. Emily Taylor

    Emily Taylor

    Los Angeles, CA
    ME/CFS patient advocate, Tae Lynne aka "the Kindness Junkie," recently published her new book "Color the World with Kindness"

    Tae is an amazing human being (I love working with her!) and will be donating all the royalties from her book to the Solve ME/CFS Initiative.

    If anyone is look for a last minute holiday gift, check out: It's also available on Amazon & Barnes & Noble, but only in paperback format at this time.

    Here's a copy of the book summary:

    Tae weaves the true meaning of kindness into her daily routine and outlines how a small, simple act can make a big impact in a person's life.

    When you practice kindness daily, your heart will open widely, you will be flooded with joy, you will make others feel seen, and you will make the world a better, more compassionate place for all.

    "Color the World with Kindness" includes daily acts of kindness and reflection questions with journaling space to carry forth your own kindness plan. There are inspirational quotes interspersed between the pages to uplift and inspire you to become more aware of your surroundings and seize an opportunity for greatness. Get started today!

    Here's the about the author:

    Affectionately known as the Kindness Junkie, Tae Lynne is the founder of 60 Seconds to Kindness, and the author of the eBook Green Smoothies to the Rescue: How Green Smoothies Helped Ease my Gastroparesis, Restored My Strength and Helped Me Thrive. Her mission is to inspire others to live a more meaningful life through kindness and acceptance.

    Tae has triumphed over chronic illness, learning to thrive despite ME/CFS, Fibromyalgia and Gastroparesis. She shares her story of climbing out of severe illness and depression, and her wisdom about the role helping others plays in benefiting our own well-being.

    I highly recommend following Tae on social media - her kindness, optimism, and perseverance brings a little warmth to my world everyday. :)
  2. Horizon

    Horizon Senior Member

    Sounds wonderful, thanks for sharing!
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  3. Mel9

    Mel9 Senior Member

    NSW Australia
    Buying the book and I am now facebook connected with this kindness website

    What a very good antidote to the general nastiness of the internet world.

    PR is another beautiful source of kindness.
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