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Panic attacks and CFS again

Discussion in 'Post-Exertional Malaise, Fatigue, and Crashes' started by Jemima37, Nov 8, 2017.

  1. Jemima37

    Jemima37 Senior Member

    Thank you for your lovely reply. Sorry I've taken a while to reply, I haven't been here recently.

    I am blessed with a wonderful husband and children. They accept and support me. They remind me daily how much they love me but I feel such a burden to them since this bad setback. It's really made me feel worse beating myself up.

    Luckily the anxiety and panic has calmed a lot but now I physically feel awful and that's raising my anxiety around my heapth worrying it's not cfs etc.. I've just done a post about it actually.

    Thank you for being so kind. Your reply was lovely and comforting.

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  2. tabbyj29_11


    You are welcome :) that is great the anxiety and panic has also calmed down recently. Sorry to hear that your health has been difficult and affecting your anxiety which is understandable. Try to relax whatever happens the body needs to conserve energy for repair. Easier said than done though. Do you do any mediating spiritual practices? I see your pic shows such that can be identified with spiritual and for some religious beliefs. Try to get connected with you at your core self. I find it helpful to do to calm myself and help whatever energy i have be available for better use than fear (although there can be justified reasons for it to be happening still can recognise it and have even some moments of when you are just focused more on being present with who you are whatever is happening elsewhere) take care :)
  3. soxfan

    soxfan Senior Member

    North Carolina
    @iwillwin1day ...oh gosh...I have the exact same symptoms as you. I had the stim test this week ...started at 8 (5-24) normal range and 60 minutes after the injection it the endocrine said my adrenals were fine.

    Ummm no they are not. I tried to explain how our bodies are different from people who don’t have CFS and she couldn’t get it. She did say 8 is low for a 8am reading.

    I have to now resort to going back to my Lyme doctor 600 miles away to get his help. He had me on low dose Cortef when I was in treatment.

    After 4 years of incredible stress in my life my adrenals are not doing well again.
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  4. iwillwin1day

    iwillwin1day Senior Member

    Nice to meet someone with same symptom as me. I am currently doing as much research as possible with using little energy that is left with me. My all reports are normal. So I am very confused. I am suffering from past 3 years. I will PM u to discuss more. Thanks. Take care.

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