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Pain control and sleep

Discussion in 'Antivirals, Antibiotics and Immune Modulators' started by chloe, Sep 30, 2011.

  1. chloe


    Reading the comments in the forums I realize my regimen is a bit different, and more focused on making
    myself comfortable. I had a very psychologically abusive doctor years back who refused to treat my pain.
    She would glare at me if I said that Advil didn't work. Then, a new doctor was transferred to her time
    slot, and I went to the office and simply starting crying - I was in such extreme pain from migraines. He told me
    he was not afraid to treat pain and gave me a prescription for Vicodan. I subsequently saw an
    anesthesiologist with an outpatient pain practice who put me on Fentanyl patches (much better than Vicodan). So, I rarely experience pain any more --- except when one of my doctors put me on Valcyte, or
    Famvir. My pain levels then went through the roof and I had to stop. It was so severe that I could not
    imagine any dose of Fentanyl that would quell the pain ---- so, that's VERY SEVERE PAIN, and A LOT OF

    Now, of course, taking Fentanyl patches makes it impossible for me to do low dose naltrexone, a therapy
    that is popular with some people. Fentanyl might also suppress the imune system -- good or bad? I'm
    not sure.

    But although I can't function at the high level I functioned at before, I am not in pain, and I get a full
    night's sleep. So many of these posts seem by people absolutely tortured by their disease. Pain is a
    common complaint.

    Maybe I have resigned myself to this, too readily, and am just determined to be comfortable. But I don't
    see ways of escaping this disease this in any meaningful, lasting way. Not for myself at this point in time. So I offer these strategies to others for whom it fits. Find a good pain doctor and get some relief!

    California has made it criminal in some cases NOT to treat pain. Yes, I will have to deal
    with narcotic addiction if the pain goes away and I need to get off the medication. That
    has not happened. But I will deal with that, and get proper medical support when that time
    Rest, get a good night's sleep, boot that pain out of your life! Don't suffer except when
    there are no alternatives.
  2. heapsreal

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    I agree with you chloe.
    Have u tried other antivirals like valtrex or acyclovir, some find the lower strength antivirals more tolerable and when the viral load comes down can then change to stronger antivirals without the severe die off reactions, worth a try.


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