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Nutreval Interpretation, Chronically Ill for 6+ years

Discussion in 'Diagnostic Guidelines and Laboratory Testing' started by parsfortuna, May 15, 2016.

  1. parsfortuna


    Hi all,

    I've been progressively getting sicker over time since 2009, when I started to have severe digestive issues. It has since progressed to a host of multiple chronic conditions which have rendered me disabled and most of the time unable to move or stand for long periods of time.

    These are my current diagnoses (will add more if I forget, I have severe brain fog and fatigue):
    • Fibromyalgia
    • Rheumatoid Arthritis
    • GERD/Barrett's Esophagus
    • Ankylosing Spondylitis
    • PCOS (Endometriosis dx pending)
    • POTS/Dysautonomia
    • CFS
    • Osteopenia
    • Multiple dietary intolerances (no dairy, gluten, nightshades, high sugar, high fat, tumeric, eggs, caffeine/stimulants, glutamates, beef, pork, chicken only in small amounts, bananas, "gums" like xanthan). I have test results for this.
    • Strange glutamate (umami) reaction resulting in anaphylactic-like symptoms.
    • Un-Dx'd throat condition resulting in severe stringy, thick clear/whitish mucus (that doesn't wash away without pressured water in the sink) and inability to swallow anything hard or stringy (very easy to choke, waking up in the nights/mornings needing to expel mucus, inability to tolerate sugars or other trigger foods such as dairy which coagulate into globs of mucus). I drink plenty of water (2 liters a day), I've had all sorts of tests done, no leads.
    I am 29, but have lived the majority of my life under extreme stress and toxic living environments. I am in a safer place now, but for the majority of my teens into early twenties I lived in public housing in NYC with visible black mold all over the walls. My health issues officially started when I was around 15 when I started to have hormonal imbalances, and this is also when my exposure to mold began. I didn't start to develop more severe symptoms until 2009, when I was going through a massive amount of personal stress.

    Since then, I have only got worse, I've seen hundreds of doctors in NYC and fought for years to even get them to test me for anything! Always the same "you're too young to be sick, it's in your head, you need antidepressants not medical help..." It wasn't until I found a doctor who believed me and did multiple scans was I able to get Dx with Rheumatoid Arthritis, which she told me I had for a while before that.

    I finally had enough of NYC and doctors there, I was able to leave by last January, and I now live in CT, which so far seems to have better medical care. I went to the University of Bridgeport Naturopath Clinic (UB Clinic), and had blood and urine drawn for the Nutreval test. Attached is my results.

    Please help me interpret these results as I am desperate for answers and solutions. I have been suffering for years and my health is only getting worse. Two years ago I could walk 20+ blocks in NYC, now I can't even walk to the bathroom some days. Medical doctors are taking forever to do anything, and the tests always come back without answers. I have to fight to get certain tests done, while I live in pain and anxiety every day. Thank you for any help!

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  2. a) Your naturopath should help you with interpretation
    b) The Nutreval has it's own interpretation
    c) You can get further interpretation with the Nutreval Interpretation Guide in my signature link. You can also derive methylation status from this.

    Some things I noticed -

    1) very low in overall glutathione. There are two kinds of glutathione, reduced and oxidized. It's typical to see an ok overall level of glutathione, but most of it is oxidized. Since your overall glutathione is so low, you probably don't have much of either one. Note, this test only shows overall glutathione, and doesn't differentiate between the two.

    I would guess you might have one or more glutathione SNPs, or something else blocking glutathione production such as a deficiency.

    2) A drop off in the Citric Acid Cycle aka Kreb's Cycle, suggesting energy problems. One reason can be low glutathione. Another reason can be toxic metals. Look at my link for Andrew Cutler's Frequent Dose Chelation to see how to test for metals.

    3) Gut dysbiosis shows up on the test, and you also mention it.

    My suggestion would be to do stool testing to see what is going on with your gut and treat it with the 4R Gut Rebuilding Program (see my link).

    4) Interestingly, your minerals look pretty good - have you been taking mineral supplements?

    Also, the mold sounds like a big player. There are people who have done extreme mold avoidance and gotten a lot better.

    Here is Slayadragon's website http://paradigmchange.me/ She's a member on here.
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  3. parsfortuna


    Thank you caledonia.

    Ironically, as I posted this, I was already taking some time and following your guide. I was reading it while I waited to get my account confirmed.

    First, my ND hasn't been very reliable. It's a teaching clinic, so some expertise is sacrificed for the affordability (about $20-35 a follow-up, treatments are very affordable too, they even have a in-house "pharmacy" where you can buy naturopath & nutritional supplements and mixes for 30% off). However, they only focused on my glutathione and my low Vitamin B. Some of the conclusions they made were based off google searches... I'm sure it was bad timing as the student was graduating the next month however. Will update after my next appt. I don't think they have much experience with Nutreval (I requested it).

    1. Yes, my ND's main focus was glutathione. I've been taking a sublingual spray, and I wanted to start taking N-A-C too but felt heartburn and headaches after taking it. I bought the powdered NAC from powdercity.com. I have to take everything in some liquid form, powder dissolved or liquid suspension, due to my throat problems.

    I have my DNA results from AncestryDNA, I've run a couple reports through GeneticGenie, Promethease, and LiveWello. I can share relevant results from that too.

    2. I will check that out, thank you.

    3. Will do, thanks for the links!

    4. I take daily supplements, a morning & nighttime multivitamin (MaryRuth Organics from Amazon). I can't remember what else I was taking at that time other than probiotic (if any).

    I live in a mold-free environment and don't eat anything fermented or with fungus (mushrooms, etc). I actually eat a very limited restricted diet, sometimes I'll go days just eating organic rice, broccoli, and roast chicken for every meal...

    Thanks, I will post my genetic results as well as reading your links and following up with my ND and MD.

  4. Little Bluestem

    Little Bluestem All Good Things Must Come to an End

    @parsfortuna - so sorry to hear that you have rheumatoid arthritis at such a young age. :hug:
  5. You may or may not be successful either tolerating glutathione or raising glutathione by taking a glutathione supplement. My research showed either liposomal glutathione or s acetyl glutathione were best to bypass stomach acid.

    NAC is another way to build glutathione (it's a precursor). If you're not tolerating that, possibly due to sulfur intolerance, the Cutler people say to use the precursors to that, which is glutamine and glycine.

    Vitamin C helps with glutathione recycling.

    The arthritis is a sign of inflammation (an inflammatory process going on).

    It would be good to see your genetics, especially Genetic Genie methylation and detox panels. The detox panel will show the glutathione genes. MTHFR and MTR/MTRR on the methylation panel can also impact glutathione.

    When you post your genetics either reply to my message, or tag me like this @caledonia so I get an alert.
  6. parsfortuna



    Here's the two GG profiles. I will upload any others I find later. Thank you!

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  7. parsfortuna


    Hi caledonia, did you ever get a chance to see what I posted?

    Just let me know, thank you.

  8. Sorry, I must have missed the alert. Thanks for the heads up.

    The genetic testing you did is missing a lot of SNPs, but it's still enough to show the B12 Double Whammy and a double mutation on a glutathione SNP. Thankfully you don't have any MTHFR SNPs (folate).

    You have some COMT mutations, so if you decide to try methylcobalamin, it could cause mood swings. Yasko's Simplified Road Map chart says to try all three types of B12 (hydroxycobalamin, methycobalamin, adenosylcobalamin) with less methylcobalamin. If that's not tolerated try methylcobalamin + adenosylcobalamn + a small amount of niacin (under 50mg) to cushion things. Or you may be lucky and just methylcobalamin + adenosylcobalamin may be fine.

    So to clarify, there are several ways to increase glutathione:

    1) take s acetyl glutathione or liposomal glutathione

    2) take the precursor to glutathione - NAC

    3) take the precursors to NAC - glutamine and glycine

    4) increase primary and/or secondary methylation cycle operations

    a) primary would be things like B12 + methylfolate, also methionine and SAMe. You don't have methylfolate SNPs so maybe you would only need B12 (unless you have mercury or lead).

    b) secondary would be the BHMT pathway - I see that you're getting a large dose of TMG in the Mary Ruth Organics. Sunflower lecithin which contains phosphatidyl choline is a gentler way of doing it. Sunflower also avoids the problems of soy and GMOs. BHMT doesn't show on your test, so it's hard to say if this is needed or not.
    5) Take vitamin C to help recycle oxidize glutathione to reduced glutathione

    6) Check for toxic metals and chelate those out if present. Mercury and lead especially will block methylation. The only type of chelation I suggest is Andrew Cutler's frequent dose chelation protocol and the hair testing that goes with that. See my signature link for more info.

    With the PCOS you would suspect estrogen dominance playing a role. From your SNPs, the one CYP1B1 is clear, but there are two more not tested. COMT also plays a role and you do have SNPs there.

    If you did find that you had estrogen dominance (and you can tell for sure by testing hormones), DIM, IC3 or calcium d glucarate can be supplemented, as well as eating cruciferous veggies if you can tolerate them. In general you would want to do a diet that balances your blood sugar, such as the Zone Diet. The rice, broccoli and chicken sounds fine to me. You may feel better with some starches like rice if you have adrenal fatigue, or at least I do (see next paragraph).

    The GERD and POTS make me think you may have adrenal fatigue. GERD can be caused by low stomach acid caused by adrenal fatigue, in which you would actually want to raise your stomach acid not lower it. If you have adrenal fatigue, your electrolytes may be leaking out like crazy and you will feel a lot better if you supplement those - that's potassium and magnesium. Low electrolytes can also cause reflux issues. You're showing deficient in magnesium on the Nutreval.

    What kinds of medications are you on, as those can deplete various nutrients?

    It's possible the mucous thing could be caused by a medication. You can look in the detailed instructions that come with medications and see if that is a side effect. Or if it started some time after you started a new medication, that's another clue. Or you can google the name of your medication and "mucous" and see if people are reporting it.

    Can you also list exactly what supplements you're taking, brand and how much? Even though you're supplementing certain things with the Mary Ruth Organics, they're still showing up deficient on the Nutreval.

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