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not worth reading - Old Article, posted to archive: Somatoform disorders in Pulse

Discussion in 'General ME/CFS News' started by Esther12, Jan 19, 2012.

  1. Esther12

    Esther12 Senior Member

    Nothing particularly interesting here, but I'm just posting some stuff up to make it available to google.

    I was recently reading about an old Pulse article and responses to it here:

    I really love Pulses response to the controversy, which is so exquisitely pompous:

    However, when I tried to find the original article, it seemed that it had disappeared, and been replaced here:

    The comments underneath are still to the now removed article by Christopher Bass. I got sent a copy of the original, so I'm posting it below, just in case anyone else ever decides to google it, and cannot find it elsewhere.

  2. alex3619

    alex3619 Senior Member

    Logan, Queensland, Australia
    It is very clear to me now just how much information there is that is against the notions of evidence based medicine, biopsychosocial theories, and psychosomatic theories. The first is political, not science based, they cherry pick the science and are subject to Zombie science. The second is unfounded - I could be wrong about this, but the guy who created the biopsychosocial theory (I think, this needs confirmation) objects to how it is being used; and finally psychosomatic medicine is under very strong attack ... from other psychiatrists and doctors. They claim we have an imaginary disease. Their peers claim they are playing with imaginary medicine. Bye, Alex
  3. kaffiend

    kaffiend Senior Member

    I almost find it fascinating that an entire field of research/medicine is constructed in this manner (and that its adherents can pursue it while keeping a straight face). Nearly every statement begs the question, employs innuendo or implies a causal factor without actually stating one.

    Are there any placebo controlled studies on "psychosomatic amplification"? This would be straightforward and easy to do. Also, flip the assumed model: now the mind is influenced by (or emerges from) the functions of the bodily systems. Real evidence from gut-brain interactions is starting to demonstrate this.
  4. Valentijn

    Valentijn Senior Member

    Any theories as to why the original article was removed and replaced with an older one? My guess would be because it advocates medical malpractice by telling doctors that they must avoid specialist referrals and testing, but I thought that was still the general practice in the UK.

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