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Not ME: Where were the SMC? Pregnancy safety advice prompts criticism

Discussion in 'Other Health News and Research' started by Firestormm, Jun 5, 2013.

  1. Firestormm


    Cornwall England
    One must surely ask, where were the vaunted Science Media Centre when this debacle hit the airwaves? ;)

    I am sure that the Science Media Centre - if asked - would respond that it didn't fall within their remit or something, but it made me wonder. When this was discussed this morning on BBC Radio 4, it was with an air of absolute disbelief over the stupidity of this 'advice' or rather 'non-advice'.

    n.b. Tracey Brown was on the Radio this morning also. Don't recall her saying much more than is said or implied above; namely what is needed is evidence not spurious and alarmist warnings.

    I feel sorry for the pregnant woman who reads/hears the unabridged version of this 'news'. Jees... :ill:
  2. Valentijn

    Valentijn Senior Member

    And until there is proper research, a great many women are going to prefer to play it safe.
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  3. Shell

    Shell Senior Member

    There are studies linking air fresheners with cancer already, so this advice isn't completely off base. Having seen the standard of so-called science over pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding and co-sleeping I'd rather play it safe. Too many vested interests wrapped up with too many eejits is a toxic combination.
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  4. alex3619

    alex3619 Senior Member

    Logan, Queensland, Australia
    The argument that myriad untested chemicals in one's environment should be considered safe is patently nonsense. Further, there is the horrible issue that these chemicals can react with other things, inducing chemicals that have never even been isolated for testing. How does your shower gel go in combination with your lawn fertilizer, cleaning spray, or air freshener? The shower gel and air freshener might have been tested together, but how about combinations involving lawn fertizer? What company is going to even test that? None that I know of.

    What they can say is that no adverse effects are proven for chemical A, B or C. If applied properly thats a totally different message. It doesn't say they are safe, its says we don't know they are toxic. So they cannot refute advice that says some people need to follow precautions. It means that without further evidence a company cannot be sued, but it also means that people who avoid these chemicals are cautious, not crazy.

    MCS and the like are a whole other issue, one I do not want to go into right now, but it changes the situation yet again.
  5. biophile

    biophile Places I'd rather be.

    A Time magazine article from 2011. I have not yet looked at the main study mentioned.

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