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News of replication of WPI XMRV study...

Discussion in 'XMRV Research and Replication Studies' started by Wildaisy, Nov 26, 2009.

  1. Cloud

    Cloud Guest

    XMRV certainly could explain many things, including stress intolerance and Post Exertional Malaise
  2. Cloud

    Cloud Guest

    Sometimes my earliest symptom when starting into a flare-up, is to begin voiding (pee) off more fluids than I had taken in over the prior several days. It's a lot and happens fast....sure sounds HPA to me
  3. Lynn

    Lynn Senior Member

    tina hypothesis 2

    Hi Tina, I like your hypothesis.

    I am wondering if that is what is going on with me while I am taking Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN). I had the most amazing energy for the first two days. After those days I was back to my normal CFS energy for about a week and then felt terrible for another week.

    I then took a week off of the LDN and started again. I had one good day and felt awful with depression and high anxiety (very unusual for me) after that. I have been trying a very low dose every 4 days and am still feeling terrible. In fact I think this is the worst I have felt with this illness in the 13 years that I have had it.

    I wonder if the LDN is kicking up my immune system and I am paying for it. Also, I wonder if I will eventually be able to feel better on the LDN in I just wait out these negative effects?

  4. 2Long


    Crazy thought here...

    Take an immunosuppressant with beneficial medications that over-stimulate the immune system.

    I know it goes against what we think is good but it might work under some circumstances. Of course, under the supervision of a skilled immunologist.

    Thoughts ?
  5. Cort

    Cort Phoenix Rising Founder

  6. oerganix

    oerganix Senior Member


    Your description of what I, too, experience is excellent. I need to print it out and show it to the next person who asks me how it feels, when I am so weak and sick I can hardly think or speak.

    My one description of the heaviness of the fatigue, that some people have been able to grasp, is that it feels like the normal 1 gee of gravity here on Earth has changed to 3 Gs of gravity, or like I'm wearing magnetic boots and walking on an iron surface. I often stub my toes, thinking my feet are higher above the ground than they really are.

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