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We’ve all seen them in the news stories about ME/CFS: the guy in a suit at the office, yawning; the beautiful woman sitting at her desk with her immaculate make-up and elegantly coiffed hair, hand to her head and looking slightly pained.
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New moles: prevention?

Discussion in 'Skeleton, Skin, Muscles, Hair, Teeth, and Nails' started by Jammy88, Feb 15, 2015.

  1. Jammy88

    Jammy88 Senior Member


    Hi friend,

    I'm getting better now, 2 years after infection.

    Main treatment is vitamins and supplements - vit. B, omega 3, vit. C, lysine, curcumin, biotin - all of these are very helpful, although not a cure. Also, Acyclovir (antiviral) was great in reducing my symptoms. I hope I will be able to discover the real origin of my symptoms, one day, with medical advancements. Best wishes.
  2. Aubry

    Aubry Senior Member

    I also got many dysplastic naevi since I got ME/CFS. I think due to immunological dysfunction somehow the melanocyte cells go haywire... It sux

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