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Need help determining what test to do.

Discussion in 'The Gut: De Meirleir & Maes; H2S; Leaky Gut' started by franny, Mar 16, 2014.

  1. franny



    I never post here, but I have been following the site for quite a while now. Like most people here, I have CFS and several IBS symptoms. I have also seen innumerable drs with no success at all. I have a binder full of tests that were done because of my request, from reading sites like this one, not because drs took the initiative to test for anything.

    My focus has always been parasites, so I have had many ova parasite tests (in the USA) but they all have been negative. I did a genova csa test, that for some odd reason was incomplete and did have microbiology or metabolic done. It reported pancreatic enzymes (>500), no SCFA results, easonophil and caprotectin in range, and bile acids showing an elevated LCA/DCA ratio. I have insurance, but it does not cover most of the testing I need done. I am done doing ova tests, even if they are cover by insurance.

    So, I am writing because I am planning on doing another round of testing. Since I will be paying out of pocket for most of them, I am reaching out to this community to help me determine which tests will give me a better picture of my gut health. So here is the question, if you think you have sibo, candida, leaky gut and/or a parasite and you have $1200 for tests not cover by insurance what test would you do to help you figure out your problem? please include regular tests that will be cover by insurance as well.

    I am not trying to fix my cfs at this time. I am focusing on finding out what bug(s) i have in my gut that are making my ill so i can seek treatment.

    Gut symptoms are: they started 4 years ago
    • bloated with all foods. I am less bloated on a low carb diet.
    • pain in the epigastric and left side of umbilical region.
    • in the morning, when stomach is very inflamed, i have muscle spasms in the umbilical region that subside after an 1hr or so. They are tangible.
    • No constipation. daily bowel movements that change between semi-solid and clay-like consistency
    • Explosive bowel movements if I eat a lot of raw salads, or carbs
    • I look anorexic due to severe weight loss. I don't eat a lot, but I certainly eat more than other people I know but I don't gain any weight.
    • coated tongue, especially upon wakening, and occasional bad breath. but I also have a strange taste in my mouth all the time.
    I am from colombia and I did a comprehensive stool test test there for 5 days straight. In one of the samples, on the 3rd day, they "identified" b. hominis. But they did not find it again in the subsequent samples. they were completely clean.

    Looking forward to your ideas and help. I am seeing my dr. in about 3 weeks, which give me enough time to come up with a testing plan.


  2. CFS_for_19_years

    CFS_for_19_years Hoarder of biscuits

    I would save your money and see about being treated for B. hominis first. Did any doctor ever want to place on metronidazole to treat B. hominis?

    The reason to submit multiple stool samples is because parasites are difficult to isolate. The fact that several stool samples were negative is not any reason to be complacent. If they found it in one sample, you have it.

    Here is more information on B. hominis:

    I am a licensed medical technologist with 14 years of experience in laboratory testing.

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