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Natural Killer Cells vs. T-Cells

Discussion in 'Diagnostic Guidelines and Laboratory Testing' started by TheMoonIsBlue, Nov 18, 2010.

  1. TheMoonIsBlue

    TheMoonIsBlue Senior Member

    Could someone tell me what the difference is betwen NK cells and T-Cells-or are they the same essentially?

    Has anyone been able to get tested, either for T-Cells or NK cells, through a commerical labs? I have been looking over the list of Immune system type tests that VIPdx offers and was wondering if any commerical or research labs offer any of them?

    (Such as cytokine testing, Natural killer cell function, RnaseL)

  2. heapsreal

    heapsreal iherb 10% discount code OPA989,

    australia (brisbane)
    Not 100% sure but nk cells are a type of Tcell an there both classed as lymphocytes. with nk cells, its not the number of them thats the common abnormality but the function of them, so the little buggers arent working properly. cd8 lymphoctes are commonly elevated in viral infections especially ebv and cmv.

    This is a good link i have saved which explains alot in short time
    it mentions lymphocytosis and this has been a constent finding in all my blood tests and with poor nk function, my condition is lymphocytosis with a lymphocytic immunodefiency

    a lymphcyte sub set tests will give u the numbers of all the tcells and nk cells, but not nk function


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