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National CFIDS Foundation funds Canadian Radiation Research Team

Discussion in 'General ME/CFS News' started by redrachel76, Dec 6, 2014.

  1. redrachel76

    redrachel76 Senior Member

    I found this on the co cure message board

    To moderators: If it is against forums rules or illegal for me to copy this announcement, please feel free to remove it or edit.

    National CFIDS Foundation funds Canadian Radiation Research Team
    November 30, 2014
    Copyright 2014
    The National CFIDS Foundation (NCF) is pleased to announce its latest
    research grant recipients, Dr. Carmel Mothersill and Dr. Colin Seymour,
    from McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario Canada. The $ 100,000 grant
    will fund new research titled "The role of cellular stress signalling in
    aetiology of CFIDS."
    Dr. Mothersill is the Canada Research Chair in Radiobiology and Professor
    of Medical Physics and Applied Radiation Sciences at McMaster University.
    Dr. Seymour is a Professor in the same department at McMaster. Both
    Mothersill and Seymour are considered to be pioneers in the field of
    low-dose radiation effects. They are well known, highly respected and
    well published in this field of science.
    According to Professor Alan Cocchetto, Medical Director for the NCF,
    "Mothersill and Seymour's research helped to establish the critical link
    the effects of low-dose radiation exposure in cells to the development
    of mitochondrial DNA deletions identified in CFIDS patient biopsy samples."
    Cocchetto further stated that "Dr. Mothersill had previously assisted the
    with the analysis of urinary radionuclide testing. With this knowledge,
    NCF then proceeded to fund research by Dr. Henry Heng, from Wayne State
    University, to look for chromosomal abnormalities in those CFIDS patients
    had previously been screened for radionuclide detection. As such, the
    forwarded Heng's results to Mothersill and Seymour for their review and
    subsequent feedback. Heng's research results were consistent with
    radiation exposure. This led to the next logical step to fund Mothersill
    and Seymour to directly engage in CFIDS research."
    According to NCF President, Gail Kansky, "The real purpose of this
    is to test the hypothesis that CFIDS can become established as a result of
    chronic exposure to low-dose ionizing radiation. This type of exposure is
    the result of ingestion or inhalation of radionuclides thereby making this
    a chronic internal low-level radiation poisoning model. Since this is
    the science has led us, our Board of Directors opted to fund this project.
    This research is particularly noteworthy since Chernobyl scientists had
    found that CFIDS development had been identified as part of the
    aftermath of radioecological catastrophe."
    According to the NCF, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) is also known as
    Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome (CFIDS) as well as Myalgic
    Encephalomyelitis (ME). Founded in 1997, the goals of the NCF are to help
    medical research to find a cause and to expedite appropriate treatments
    CFIDS/ME. The NCF, an all volunteer 501(c)(3) federally approved charity,
    funded solely by individual contributions. Additional information can be
    on the Foundation's website at or in The National Forum
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  2. redrachel76

    redrachel76 Senior Member

    Some time ago I exchanged a correspondence with the head of the CFIDS Foundation, Gail Kansky.

    In the last issue of the CFIDS Forum they republished part of it in it's last newsletter under the letters section. Therefore I assume it is OK to reproduce what she wrote to me personally.

    Here Gail is writing about their cohort:

    " If you have CFIDS, you're going to have some abnormalities in our CD3, CD4, CD8 and CD19. They are all basic immune profile tests. CFIDS is a slow progression toward cancer. In women, it's breast cancer while, in men, it's prostate. The cause is low-level radiation. That's not something any developed country wants to admit they may have had some responsibility in. It's the reason why our government has always treated it so poorly and your country won't even allow the diagnosis. But our government now says that if you have the ID, you don't have CFS.
    We have members who have undergone chemotherapy and a lot of the other things (yes, even retuximad) and none got well although a couple did feel better for a short period of time. The researchers we've funded are ones that know exactly what is going on and one, a radiation expert, has already found it, indeed, is radiation poisoning on a low level (she calls it the "backrounder effect"). Hopefully, a therapy will be found as we know there's no cure but there's no reason to think it can't be blocked in the body on regular basis and that's what they're working on right now.
    The one that was just announced as being funded in our newsletter wants to prove this is a certain type of autoimmune disease which is the same type that is found in a few others. Our medical director got her interested by talking to her for months until she finally asked for a piece of brain from our repository and, sure enough, it was positive! While I have a lot of the blood samples stored in my house, our director was given the remains from one patient that had died and a had a months-long autopsy. That's how he could give her a piece of brain to test! Her daughter is quite a severe patient as well but one of her sons has a mild case.
    So we don't really pay much attention to other sites as we really don't know what those "recovered" patients actually had that they recovered from. All we're sure of is that they didn't have the immune dysfunction of what we call CFIDS. ...

    The NCF believes our cohort has CFIDS caused by low dose radiation because:

    a) STAT-1 is low like in low dose radiation
    Only a short list of viruses and bacteria can decimate Stat-1 and Dr. Hokama proved it was of non-human origin in 2002 To be sure that the lead scientist from Chernobyl was correct when he said low dose radiation causes "CFS" (the article is on our website under "Radiation"), we had our entire cohort tested and, sure enough, every last one of us were positive. In fact, those more severe showed more alpha radiation detected. And we used the same laboratory that our government uses for the testing.
    Also, ironizing radiation uses the sodium pathway in our bodies as does what is causing this illness. This, too, was proven by Yoshitsugi Hokama, Ph.D., an exert consultant to our government. Not only the same pathway but the exact part of it (2.1).

    b)A significant percentage of Chenobyl clean up workers have the symptoms of M.E
    Yes, and he had already published, in the now defunct Journal of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, that radiation was causative.
    c) A Larger percentage of ME sufferers get lymphomas than the general population
    This is a slow progression toward lymphoma and that's what we hope to find how to block by our funding of radiation expert Dr. Mothersill who is head of the radiation department at McMaster University in Canada. They'll actually be trying various things to block where the damage is constantly starting."

    I asked Gail what tests show we have radiation. She answered:
    Alphas are the important ones to test. Betas don't do that much harm and alphas turn into gammas in the body.
    No biologically advanced country wants to admit this as this means they would be partially at fault and what country wants to admit that? We know it is the exact same around the world as Dr. Hokama, when he received samples from so many different countries, took them apart molecule by molecule and there was no difference at all."

    After writing to Gail, I looked up CFS and radiation on the internet and found this:
    Another complex of symptoms found particularly often amongst liquidators is the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). According to Loganovsky (2000, 2003) the diagnostic criteria for CFS apply to 26% of people that received a radiation exposure of less than 0.3 sievert. The frequency of CFS has decreased from 65.5% of liquidators in 1990-1995 to 10.5% in 1995-2001, while the so-called Metabolic Syndrome X (MSX) has simultaneously increased from 15 to 48.2%. CFS and MSX are regarded as being symptomatic of the development of other neuro-psychiatric and physical illnesses. CFS is also regarded as being synonymous with environmentally influenced vulnerability to, and an indication of the onset of neuro-degeneration, of cognitive impairment and neuro-psychiatric disturbances. The left side of the brain appears to be more vulnerable than the right side.
    P. Flor-Henry reported that the observed depressive status-displays and clinical syndromes such as schizophrenia and CFS, that prevail amongst a high percentage of the liquidators, are accompanied by organic changes in the brain, mainly in the left cerebrum (by right-handers) and can be objectified with the aid of the electroencephalogram (EEG). They believe this indicates that various neurological and psychiatric illnesses can be caused by exposure to radiation levels between 0.15 and 0.5 Sievert.

    I think subscribing to the CFIDS Foundation is the only chance I have got of finding the cause
    of this illness at the moment. The only way they raise funds is through their newsletter subscription. It can only help alerting people here of their work.
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