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My recommendation for Doctors and professionals in Auckland, New Zealand

Discussion in 'ME/CFS Doctors' started by M Paine, Oct 14, 2015.

  1. M Paine

    M Paine Senior Member

    Auckland, New Zealand
    Hello New Zealanders,

    I've had a fortunate set of encounters with health professionals lately, and I thought I would share them in the hopes that someone else can benefit from the advice.

    General Practitioner

    Dr Julie Hancock

    I have visited several General Practitioners over the years, which has at times been frustrating. I've still not come across a GP who is overtly familiar with CFS/ME. One doctor said to me that, "in 30 minutes online, you will likely eclipse a GP in understanding the illness". The closest I've come to finding a good doctor is Dr Julie Hancock in CityMed in the CBD.

    The reason primarily I would recommend her, is because she is a very understanding, compassionate doctor. If you have any anxiety about trying to explain your condition, or have been frustrated in the past by Doctors who may not seem to take you seriously, Dr Julie Hancock would be perfect for you. Also if you have any problems, or you or someone else has Depression or other diseases which call for a compassionate doctor, I really cannot recommend her enough.

    At one stage I did have someone close visit Dr Hancock with Depression, and we were taken back by the quality of treatment. The last thing a person needs is to feel that their doctor does not care, or take them seriously enough, or perhaps does not understand the difficulties one is facing. ME/CFS seems to be a disease which can seem not quite as serious from an outside perspective, where it is anything but. An empathetic Doctor is an asset.

    Expert help

    Dr. Rosamund Vallings

    Once you have made good use of your General Practitioner, I recommend getting a referral to Dr Rosamund Vallings. Dr Vallings was the president of the New Zealand Myalgic Encephalopathy Society (ANZMES). You will not find a more experienced ME/CFS doctor in New Zealand. I visited her today after spending many, many hours researching this condition, and she takes a no-nonsense, science backed approach to therapy.

    She has seen it all, and seems to have a knack for filtering out the noise and focusing on the foundations of a proven methodology for treatment. She may not be specialized in the intricacies of immunology or hold a degree in some of various fields which one might find useful in researching this condition, but she has followed the research closely, and clearly has a wide array of contacts and has more than enough expertise to provide a reliable opinion on the various treatment options.

    Supplements and treatments come in various forms, and there are a plenty out there. I came to my visit armed with a list of them which I needed advice on (CO-Q10, D-Ribose, Valtrex, Valcyte, Omega 3 & 6, Tricyclics and others), she had experience in each, and a good grasp on which are effective and which are appropriate.

    She recently gave a lecture at Otago University which is viewable on YouTube. I recommend watching it, regardless of if you are planing to see her or not. Youtube Link: CFS/ME lecture by Dr Ros Vallings, Sep 2014

    Supplements and Naturopathy

    Álvaro Muñoz a Store/Hardys Downtown.html

    It is extremely likely that you will be advised to take some supplements. If you are like me, you probably go to your Chemist to find them. Another option, which I highly recommend, is to visit and speak with a Naturopath. I happened across Álvaro Muñoz in the Hardy's store downtown. I had visited a chemist, who recommended going to Hardy's when they could not provide me with all of the supplements I was looking for.

    Upon visiting Álvaro, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that he had a wide range of knowledge and experience with CFS, and helping people dealing with it. He has an excellent understanding on supplements, and referenced clinical studies when speaking of them. He and his staff gave practical advice about the supplements I was looking for, and other supplements to research.

    Particularly useful is how one should store some of these medications, I've never thought to put my B12 in the fridge for example. They also gave me an ice-pack to go with it, a nice touch.
  2. green_monster


    Dr Rosamund Vallings is a fantastic doctor. I can't speak highly enough of her. She was one of the authors of the 2011 International Consensus Criteria so she knows her subject in depth. Dr Ros is also a truly compassionate person, and won't treat you like an anonymous statistic. I found that she has a wonderful way of mixing a heart of gold with cold hard science.
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  3. M Paine

    M Paine Senior Member

    Auckland, New Zealand
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