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My new treatment: Reishi + probiotics

Discussion in 'General Treatment' started by Owl42, Feb 10, 2016.

  1. Owl42

    Owl42 Psychedelic bird

    Hi guys I wanted to check my new treatment with you, as my doctors don't really give me a convincing explanation on what they are doing and when I visit a new one they tend to change everything I've been doing with the others.

    I've been taking coenzimeQ10, B group multivitamins, magnesium and a marine coral extract as supplements and using tryptophan twice a day to wake up and go to sleep. I've been on Q10 for some years now, in this period I've also injected B12 for some months when my tests showed a deficency.

    Apart from this the only treatment I still have is a "antioxidant" diet and to avoid all the foods I've had an histamine response to.

    I've been visiting an allergologist lately and she told me to change all my supplements except tryptophan for this reishi extract (you can see it contains some other things like "perilla, elderberry, Iceland moss, royal jelly, propolis"...) and this probiotic (I have only found the components in spanish but the names are the same everywhere, I think).

    This treatment goes allong with a new diet, (About the 4th or 5th I try...) a low metal diet that I need to get from a nutritionist that will also try to reintroduce foods I already have been avoiding for some years and I am scared of (like dairy).

    This is all based in an allergy test that showed my reaction to nickel and cobalt.

    The main thing is, I'll lost my B12 vitamin supplementation, which I know helps methylation. And I don't know how this treatment could be fit for the main neurological symptoms I'm experiencing right now.

    Does this kind of treatment make sense to any of you? Have you experienced benefit from something similar?

    I don't think I should be questioning doctors but sometimes it appears to me that they don't have a real CFS point of view or at least they don't talk to me like they do. :S
  2. JES

    JES Senior Member

    Reishi is a good immune modulator e.g. for enhancing NK cell activity. A combination of mushrooms would probably be even more effective for this purpose, in particular AHCC.

    The mentioned probiotic looks much like any probiotic mix I find in stores. Hard to say if it will do anything, but it most probably will cause no harm to take it. Generally the best probiotics are those that have a high CFU count, which tells how much of the actual bacteria there are inside.
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