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Muscle Relaxants for whole body ache

Discussion in 'General Treatment' started by PennyIA, Oct 8, 2014.


Tried Muscle Relaxants?

  1. Took them and they helped my whole body ache and other symptoms

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  2. Took them and they helped my whole body ache

  3. Took them and they had no effect

  4. Took them and had side effects, so stopped

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  5. Have not taken them

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  1. PennyIA

    PennyIA Senior Member

    Just curious if folks have tried low dose muscle relaxants or not.

    My doctor has off-the-books diagnosed me with CFS (ME/CFS being a term I prefer over that - but I'm in the US and can't change them to using ME)... it's mild/moderate - where most days I can function as long as I'm able to sit through most of my day - but going into the office is challenging, but possible. I 'rest' up until it's time to go to work and within 15 minutes of getting home. I call this 'remission phase' when talking to the doctor, being part of the walking dead when joking with family. But during flare ups of more severe symptoms I'm basically bedridden.

    I was in a recent flare and he went through the send her to every specialist process he always wants me to do. I had to do it because I needed a doctor's letter and help with filing FMLA (medical leave) as I was bedridden for about seven weeks and wasn't able to even work from my bed. When no one found anything (yet again)...

    He FINALLY agreed to try to help me with managing my symptoms.

    At that point, I was already coming out the back side of my flare - but we started with flexeril. It's too strong for me... BUT I can tolerate a 1/4 of a 10 mg tablet at night. Since I couldn't take any during the day - he prescribed metaxalone 800 mg tablets for daytime use. I take 1/2 of a tablet twice a day.

    While I was in my flare I was having severe flare ups of what I think of a nuero pain - flashing, lightning strikes of severe pain that fades shortly after hitting - and that would fire all over my body. Since that pain was already fading before I started the relaxants - I'm not sure it helped with it at all.

    FWIW - this flare up was accompanied by approx 20-60 new lumps forming under my skin on a daily basis. They would (mostly) fade over night, but rebuild before the end of the day. After many other theories on these were shot down, my current theory (doc doesn't have a theory) is that it's a physical representation of inflammation due to lactic acid build up or unusual lymph node activity. They haven't gone away with my current remission from the pain, but they do seem to be smaller and fewer. I figured I'd keep an eye on them and just wait and see since they aren't painful (just tender when pressed).

    However, I notice when I forget a pill because the whole body flu-like ache that has been a constant companion for me for almost nine years? It comes back. As in this is helping with that!

    I'm posting this because I just woke up in near agony and it took me almost 30 minutes of worrying about sliding back into another flare and also trying to figure out if I did anything in the last two weeks that might have caused PEM (although the 'sick' I get with PEM wasn't present).... before I remember I forgot to take my flexeril last night.

    Other current treatments:

    Daily: 10 mg of sublingual Methylcobalamin, 5 mg of methylfolate, potassium, ALA, Thorne B complex, Vitamin D oil

    I am working back to my former methylation treatment - will start taking NAC next week, more methylfolate the following week. I had stopped all treatments during my flareup as I needed a break and I wanted to make sure that nothing I was taking was contributing.
  2. BadBadBear

    BadBadBear Senior Member

    Rocky Mountains
    I know this is an old thread, but I have been taking metaxalone for a short time while I'm in a bad flare. I can't believe how good I feel on the stuff. Wish I could be on it all the time. Stiff muscles, stiff joints, aching - everything feels soooo much better.

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