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mito/muscle symptoms

Discussion in 'Post-Exertional Malaise, Fatigue, and Crashes' started by Sherlock, Sep 20, 2012.

  1. merylg

    merylg Senior Member

    Sydney, NSW, Australia
    Are you still taking this combo Helen? What brands & what doses work for you? I initially had a good response to Adenosylcobalamin (Dibencozide)... that I could actually feel some renewed strength in my arm & leg muscles.
    After awhile though I became intolerant of too much B12 in my system.
  2. Sad Dad

    Sad Dad

    I know this is a very old thread, but I think it makes sense to keep the discussion in one place.

    I'd disagree slightly with the suggested example of power.

    Generally any exercise that lasts more than about 10 seconds goes from being anaerobic to aerobic. To avoid potentially inserting aerobic limitations into tests of power, I think a better example of pure power is something like squatting and then jumping as high as you can. This is completely anaerobic and requires no endurance.

    My daughter was a reasonably talented athlete before CFS and POTS. At the request of her neurologist, she did a very short test of her strength vs power. She still had a significant portion of her former strength. However, she had only a small fraction of the power she used to have.

    Almost all of the studies I have seen which involved physical testing for CFS sufferers relied on endurance, ie. stationary bicycles. Is anyone aware of studies on strength vs power vs endurance? The results may be more useful in providing clues about the biochemistry of CFS.
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