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Minutes of the All Party Parliamentary Group on ME, 9 November 2010

Discussion in 'General ME/CFS News' started by Sherby, Nov 18, 2010.

  1. Sherby

    Sherby Sherby

    London UK
    This article is from The ME Assossiation

    Minutes of the All Party Parliamentary Group on ME, 9 November 2010
    Read in fall as below

    I'm to foggy to take in any information at present, but though some of you guys would be interested.

    5. Impact of new Welfare Support system on people with M.E.
    The point was made that the drive to provide people on long-term benefits with a route back to work has caused great stress to people who are genuinely ill, especially people with M.E. and this is having a seriously adverse impact on their health.

    Professor Malcolm Harrington has been tasked by the DWP with writing an independent report on the Work Capability Assessment.

    The Group agreed to include Professor Harringtons report in the agenda of the February meeting.

    6. Scientific Research

    The Group was reminded of the recommendations of the CMO working group concerning research and the recommendations of the Gibson Inquiry. It was noted that the MRC has funded some research into intervention therapies for M.E. but that it has so far funded virtually none of the biomedical research into M.E. which is so badly needed.

    Professor Stephen Holgate has formed an expert group for M.E. within the Medical Research Council (MRC) which has drawn up and published an agreed list of priorities for M.E. research which has a significant emphasis on understanding the biology of this illness.

    The group agreed to invite Professor Holgate or Sir John Savill, the recently appointed CEO of the MRC, to speak at the next meeting.

    Other areas of concern raised were recent research on xenotrophic murine leukaemia retrovirus (XMRV) and the SMILE Trial into the Lightning Process for children.

    The Group agreed to keep the following under review as priorities:

    - XMRV

    - Lightning Process

    - Ban on blood donation for people with M.E.

    David Amess left the meeting at this point and Annette Brooke MP took over the chair.
  2. Bob

    Bob Senior Member

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    Thanks Sherby, for the info and the link.

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