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Methylation Pathways Panel - Usefulness and Cost

Discussion in 'Diagnostic Guidelines and Laboratory Testing' started by Skyline, Dec 6, 2012.

  1. Skyline

    Skyline Senior Member

    Bangkok, Thailand
    I was about to order the Methylation Pathways Panel from European Laboratories (Health Diagnostics Europe) however they have quoted me 310 Euros (~$US 405). This is a pretty large bump from the original quotes I've seen here of $US 295.

    So this has prompted me to question the value of the test. I see its value as:

    A) Initial diagnosis - do I have a methylation issue?
    B) Progress tracking - this requires multiple tests (e.g. every 3 months)

    However, it does not in itself - currently - have any 'decision making' value. I.e. Modification of treatment.
    If you have the symptoms its still worth trying regardless of the methylation test output.

    DO OR NOT DO METHYLATION PROTOCOL DECISION = not valuable input: It seems that most people benefit from the simplified methylation protocol or Freddd's alternative protocol targeting the same mechanism. Unless you megadose as with Freddd's you are actually sticking pretty closely to general health optimization recommendations (i.e. B12 methylcobalmin, and 5MHTF are recommended for healthy individuals in 5000mcg/ 800mcg daily intakes by a lot of health public figures these days). So it should not do any harm, but has the possibility of an upside.

    Progress Tracking and Continuation or modification Decision = valuable, but at too high cost: It would be useful to do the panel every 3 months or more frequently, however at $400+ those costs are going to stack up pretty quickly.

    At this point - I'm probably going to go with other 'progress tracking' tests as a result - like the Yasko basics (UAA, UTM/UEE etc.). However, I have a lot more reading ahead of me before I get my head round all of this and really understand how each of the tests can provide input to decision making - i.e. changing treatment to get better results.
  2. Valentijn

    Valentijn Senior Member

    I wouldn't bother with the test unless you don't seem to have any response to a high dose of B12. And (I think), that if you do have a problem with methylation, the solution is to take methylB12 and methylfolate. So if no reaction to whatever you're taking, try those active forms and see if it helps.
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  3. Aileen

    Aileen Senior Member

    I just got my 23andME results back (lots of methylation problems). Now I am wondering what other tests I should do before starting on a protocol. Am going to see my ND in a couple days.

    Was considering the Methylation Pathways Panel but now not so sure.
    Am considering Urinary Amino Acids (UAA) from Doctor's Data, Urinary Toxic Metals/Essential Elements (UTM/UEE) from Doctor's Data and Metabolic Analysis Profile (MAP) from Genova Diagnostics that Yasko recommends.

    However ... I was comparting the 3 above (UAA, UTM/UEE & MAP) with the NutrEval (from Genova Diagnostics?) that some people have been getting. NutrEval includes everything on the MAP test, all except 5 on the UAA test, and 6 out of 21 toxic metals/ 6 out of 17 minerals on the UTM/UEE test plus it shows glutathione, around 20 essential fatty acid tests and a couple other things.

    I'm not positive on the cost because these sites won't give out the price to patients, but checking around the internet, it looks like the total cost of the 3 Yasko uses are approx the same as the NutrEval test. Since I am outside the States, if I have to pay shipping on any of them, it would be cheaper to do the one test.

    Can anyone tell me what the NutrEval costs? And which NutrEval test are people using? I see 2 on the website - one called "NutrEval FMV" and one called "NutrEval Plasma". The confusing thing is they both seem to be a combination of blood samples and urine samples and look the same.

    If anyone has any advice, I'd love to hear it.
  4. caledonia


    Cincinnati, OH, USA
    Nutreval FMV is First Morning Void urine. I don't think it includes a blood test. I think the Plasma is the one to get. The plasma has both blood and urine.
  5. adreno

    adreno PR activist

    Yeah, I've been wondering about this too. The test is not very useful without follow-up tests to track progress. You can buy a lot of methylcobalamin/folate for the amount of money the test costs.
  6. caledonia


    Cincinnati, OH, USA
    I did some more research on Nutreval. I think Nutreval Plasma and Nutreval FMV are more or less the same, except the amino acids section is either done by urine or blood. I looked at several interpretations done by Rich Vank on both types of tests. He was able to interpret both types and didn't make any comment that one was better or worse than the other.

    So now I'm thinking it pretty much doesn't matter which one you get.
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