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Metal or steel adviced with Electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS)?

Discussion in 'Hypersensitivity and Intolerance' started by jason30, Apr 5, 2017.

  1. jason30

    jason30 Senior Member

    The Netherlands
    Hi all,

    I am buying a new bed and I wonder if a metal or steel frame is adviced with electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS)?
    Because of MCS I am not gonna buy a wood frame.

    Thanks for any help.
  2. junkcrap50

    junkcrap50 Senior Member

    I've never heard of that as a concern for EMF sensitivity when I did my research on it. What are the other EMF/EHS protections you have taken? I think there are much bigger issues before you would address the bed frame.

    I think it shouldn't be a problem. So long as you're' not in direct contact with the metal frame via a conducting material you should be okay. Yes, other EMF in the room from wifi/phones/electrical wires could (if the right frequency and strength are just right) induce a local EMF within the bed frame, which thereby gives off its own EMF. But the induced EMF coming from the bed frame would be very weak and could be fixed by grounding it. The other EMF in the room would be a much more significant factor than any effect the bed frame would have.
  3. Real wood (not plywood etc.) should be ok, as long as you're not using something aromatic like pine. You can always off gas it in the garage or somewhere not in your house, for a month or however long it takes, to make it safe to bring inside.

    You could also buy a used bedframe, assuming the previous owner didn't pour perfume all over it or something. This would have the advantage of it already being off gassed.

    You can also seal the wood with American Formulating and Manufacturing (AFM) sealer to seal off any off gassing.

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