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Medically induced coma

Discussion in 'Alternative Therapies' started by NL93, May 30, 2016.

  1. NL93

    NL93 Senior Member

    The Netherlands
    Just a thought; would it help to put people with very severe ME in a medically induced coma?

    ME can often very slowly get better when the patient is careful with it's energy. But people with very severe ME cannot really do that properly because they seem to be overexerting themself with just very basic daily tasks they cannot really skip. Like eating, having someone in the room with them, etc. Maybe just being awake is already overexertion

    Being in a induced coma reduces energy demands.

    Would it help to put them in a coma for a few months so they can get complete rest?
    Has this ever been tried?
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  2. tinacarroll27

    tinacarroll27 Senior Member

    It's an interesting idea. The thought that comes into mind, is that in the very severe ME, they may be so sensitive to drugs that the drugs themselves might be too much for their body to cope with, but I could be wrong. I have felt that lying in bed can be too much exercise for me and I need something more than just rest
  3. invisiblejungle

    invisiblejungle Senior Member

    I've actually thought about this. It will probably be my ultimate last-resort approach.

    I've read a few reports of people who were cured of serious neurological conditions by being placed in a ketamine-induced coma. There are clinics in Mexico that offer it, but it's quite expensive.

    I remember reading about a girl with Lyme disease who had constant, unrelenting pain, like she was on fire. She was placed in a ketamine coma, and it somehow reset her brain and cured her pain.
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  4. Strawberry

    Strawberry Senior Member

    Seattle, WA USA
    @NL93 When I am at my worst I have wanted this many times. I wonder if you are onto something.
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