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#MEAction requests donations

Discussion in 'Fundraising' started by Sasha, Dec 9, 2015.

  1. Sasha

    Sasha Fine, thank you

    #MEAction has achieved a ton of stuff already with volunteers and, it appears, personal money, but they're asking for donations to get themselves onto a sustainable footing with some healthy staff so they can do more.

    I think they've made a fantastic showing already and I'll be donating.

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  2. Keela Too

    Keela Too Sally Burch

    I agree. I have donated a something on a recurring donation via Paypal. Jen is doing powerful work I think.

    I appreciated the opportunity to talk with her over one of the Google Hangouts - and the news roundups ME Action are doing, along with the hosting of petitions and so on is amazing. Just wish I could get to grips with the forums/groups thing.
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  3. Yogi

    Yogi Senior Member

    I think #MEAction are doing terrific work. They really have punched above their weight. Their website is slick and they are good at public relations. I always was thinking these years it would be good if a global on-line initiative like this could be set up. And now this has been done and we have #MeAction - Thanks!

    They say:
    "Considering making a recurring donation. If all of our websites visitors donated just $1 every month, every Facebook follower $3, or all of our members, $20, we could fully fund #MEAction."

    Like other online upstarts such as ebay, amazon and google they have very low costs due to being online and those online businesses we would all agree have revolutionised the world.

    They also have a great sister site #MEPedia. I like their branding - it looks professional. Again I always thought this would be a good idea if someone made this happen and they have made it happen. Currently there is a lot of good nuggets of information but given the growth of the internet it is becoming difficult to keep track of especially for newly diagnosed people. It could also be used by health professionals.

    They have also done a myth buster. I always thought it would be good idea for a global org who are professional do provide factsheets that can be easily passed to journalists when required by us all. I thought we should do this at PR but again #MEAction have done it now.–patient-view-of-the-PACE-Trial-Controversy.pdf

    I am too ill to do any of these and it's like they have been reading my mind and have set up these initiatives.

    My personal view is that whilst donating to medical research is a worthwhile cause I think initiatives like this with a strong global online presence could pay more large dividends in the short term for the smaller sums (given we are all limited in our finances due to sickness) invested as with good publicity and campaigns and petitions and online professional presence it could unlock funds for research from governments and other wealthy donors by changing the public view.

    I just like it when a new org appears to shake things up and bring in new energy!

    Thanks a lot #MEAction and @JenB !

    I am not involved with MEAction I just think they are doing terrific work!!
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  4. Denise

    Denise Senior Member

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