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MEA Question Time in Kingston, Surrey - Saturday 3rd October

Discussion in 'General ME/CFS Discussion' started by charles shepherd, Oct 2, 2015.

  1. charles shepherd

    charles shepherd Senior Member

    MEA Question Time in Kingston Surrey on Saturday 3rd October

    More details here:

    Free admission
    Ample car parking
    Wheelchair friendly venue
    School open from 1pm; School canteen open from 1.15pm

    Panel members:

    Amolak Bansal (St Helier Hospital - immunologist who is carrying out MEA funded research and is involved with the proposed UK Rituximab trial)
    Jane Colby (Tymes Trust - Children and Education)
    Sue Luscombe (Dietitian - MEA adviser on diet, nutrition)
    Charles Shepherd (Hon Medical Adviser, MEA)

    The school is a short walk from Kingston Railway Station if you are coming by train. Google map:!3m1!1s0x48760be853d6e577:0x184ba7e2d3ef8141

    Questions are welcome to individual members of the Panel on their specific areas of expertise, as well as questions covering any aspect of ME/CFS:

    Clinical - Management - Research - Benefits - Media - Political etc.......

    Some of the current 'hot topics' that we are dealing with at the MEA are listed below and might form the basis of a question...........


    Problems with PIP are now becoming more common than ESA
    Changeover from DLA to PIP
    ESA: Possible changes to WRAG Group
    Maximus taking over medical assessments from Atos
    Providing supportive medical evidence


    Meetings and correspondence with NICE and NHS England regarding revision of the NICE guideline on ME/CFS
    MEA Management Report on CBT, GET and Pacing


    APPG on ME has been reformed following the General Election in May


    ME Biobank at the Royal Free Hospital: release of blood samples to researchers
    MEA Ramsay Research Fund: Mitochondrial research studies
    UK Research Collaborative Conference in Newcastle

    ME ASSOCIATION New literature:

    Flu vaccine
    Hormones, menopasue and research into female hormones
    Guides to filling in the forms for ESA and PIP
    New (2015) edition of the MEA Purple booklet

    MEA Website:
    MEA online shop:
    MEA Facebook:
    ME Connect: 0844 576 5326 (10am-12 noon; 2pm - 4pm and 7pm - 9pm)

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