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Maija Haavisto's new book is out!

Discussion in 'Other Health News and Research' started by Eucalypta, Dec 2, 2011.

  1. Eucalypta

    Eucalypta Guest

    Maija Haavisto's new book is out! Unfortunately only in Finnish with the title; 'Hankala potilas vai hankala sairaus: tietoa huonosti tunnetuista pitkaikaissairauksista'. Anyone who has read her previous work 'Reviving The Broken Marionette' knows how important it is to have this work translated. If you know or are a publishers please het in touch with Maija. Read more about her new book in English here:

    I was thinking(I know, ... dangerous ;-)) Maybe one of the "patient organizations" could spend some cash on getting this translated instead of less important issues? There are not enough of these important books available that are understandable for the patient and are still interesting enough for the physician. I was in the lucky position to be able to buy a couple of the book ' Reviving The Broken Marionette' and gave one to my physician who found it very useful with links to treatments he used later on. and one to our library. That is my way of doing advocacy, educating my healthcare team and making sure other people will come in touch with the book also. Unfortunately Maija wasn't able to find a publisher who wanted to publish this work in Finnish and in English. Surely a large "Patient Organization" like the CAA or any other will see this as an important task to get this information to the public and physicians. Maija is an excellent writer and researcher. Her previous book is still a major important recourse to me.
  2. heapsreal

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    Cool, thanks for letting us know. I have her previous book and i have found it great, its all twisted and bent from reading it and it has given me many ideas to help me research into cfs related stuff. I tend to work backwards in that i look at a med that suppose to help and then try and understand how it works(pharmacology) and then look sideways at other meds/supps that have similar effects. Its amazing how many different treatments out there but not tried or have the time to try.


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