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Lyme, bartonella, babesia, mycoplasma; Immune System? INPUT

Discussion in 'General ME/CFS Discussion' started by birthdaysuit, Jan 11, 2017.

  1. birthdaysuit


    So in short, I contracted Lyme many years ago and most likely Babesia, Bartonella, and Mycoplasma at around the same time.

    It took a few years to fully understand the scope of my declining psychological state. Basically, it was those close to me that saw this decline and helped me to accept my sickness. Subsequently, after visiting some good and not so good doctors, I had my neurologist write out a referral that would test for Lyme infection. Because of my meningitis like symptoms my Dr. Put me on three weeks of doxy. After ten days the test came back negative, so I was asked to stop the antibiotics. The 7 months following I felt awesome, until a 105 degrees fever left me bed bound for two days. During the following weeks all of my neuro symptoms resurfaced. I should note I had zero joint or muscle pains during this time.

    A year later I tested positive for an acute Lyme infection, via a referral to IgeneX test and with it all the aforementioned Coinfections. I started oral antibiotics again.

    Tetracycline was my first dose. Took this for 2 months, terrible herxes, moaning on the ground, psychotic like feelings where I had to force myself to inhibit my behavior. I was told a herx, could of been an allergy to the drug or Lyme brain, not really sure. Nonetheless, this forced me to live as a hermit for awhile.

    Three months into treatment my LLMD Introduced a few other antibiotics, one addressing Bart, another babesia; rifampin, malarone. Still, not really better.

    5 months in I'm on IV rocephin with monocycle and some other herbs and antibiotics. Neuro issues subsided. Still get flare ups. The problem!

    Physically I'm screwed. Once I introduced IV I developed massive amounts of joint, Bone, and muscle pain. It's debilitating. I also have terrible small fiber like neuropathy. Not sure what is causing this. So, my brain is 65% better, my body is 100% worse.

    Now I've discovered that taking immune stimulating supplements and herbs like a three week regiment of cordyceps, reishi for NK cells, ginseng, spirulina for myd88, etc; anything that offsets the th1/th2 differentiation to th1 dominant causes significant body pain. Everything worsens!

    This is true too with better sleep, healthier foods, and exercise. Now if I take supplements that are anti-inflammatories like high dosage Boswelia gum resin which reaches the brain and Inhibits th1 much of my joint; supposedly good for RA my bone and muscle pain subsides. However, I twitch and spasm A LOT MORE and I start to have weird neuro problems again, regarding fight or flight.

    Now I question, is this sepsis? Can and do long term antibiotics work? I know they work for some. Are my physical symptoms a good thing and illustrate a fighting immune system? When I don't sleep my body aches good away. Is this th1 state a useless thing if the immune system is fighting an endless war, hurting you in the process? Is it autoimmune issue, with or without the infection? I just don't know anymore.
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  2. Mel9

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    NSW Australia

    I am on long term antibiotics and it is helping a lot . They say the Herx reaction is a good sign the antibiotics are killing the microbes. To relieve the herx pain I use Basica drinks and medicine prescribed by doctor.
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