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Lower Aerobic HR on phosphatidylserine

Discussion in 'General ME/CFS Discussion' started by gregh286, Feb 22, 2018.

  1. gregh286

    gregh286 Senior Member

    Londonderry, Northern Ireland.
    Like I suppose anyone who has this madness for any length of time notices any small moments in their health, as we always seem to be taking stock of our pulse, dietary habits, bowel habits, minor ailments, symptom changes, we know how it goes......its like constant babysit of symptoms.

    For now I exist in the mild-moderate category, baseline somewhere around 70-80 on bells. I play golf even though it completely polaxes me after 5 miles walking and swinging.....the effort I am sure everyone knows here, its monumental efforts to do things than come normal to normal person.

    Aerobic threshold is a thing that its very easy to detect your current ME state. Does your HR jump to 120+ going up stairs then suffice to say its not a good day in general. Even in a golf round HR is sitting 110/120, way way too high for effort required to walk. Hence, its feels like a mini marathon.
    phosphatidylserine is an interesting one....I started it around 2 weeks ago, but its dropped my HR to around 80 during walking,,,,with the obvious effect of less "mangled" after it. I guess that should be my normal aerobic activity HR for walking without CFS.
    However, it is not without a negative. When I use seriphos X2 waking up and the morning are very bad, I imagine cortisol is brutally low, hence a hangover type start to the day, i think most people know the "jetlag" feeling when your cortisol rythm is a mess., and its best to avoid carbs during day as further drop in cortisol can make you ready for bed.
    So, the double edged sword in play, keeps the HR down, increases aerobic capacity substantially, but the low starting amount of cortisol in the day makes for quite a sleepy day, if any of you know amiltripline, its quite similar.
    I think finding balance with phosphatidylserine may have benefits.
    In the past I seen same effect by rising at 3-4am, tired but not CFS tired. It increases aerobic capacity by lowering or having lower cortisol.
    Someone mentioned cortisol antibodies before, dont think too many disagree that stress makes them worse, one way or another.

    Any q, please ask.
    Touche. :)
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