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Losing and gaining weight Thyroid??

Discussion in 'Thyroid Dysfunction' started by Grigor, Oct 20, 2015.

  1. Grigor

    Grigor Senior Member

    So when I stopped smoking a long while ago . 1 year and a half later I got a viral infection CMV and got sick. Oddly enough years later I stopped again. And a year later boom again a huge relapse. Still housebound because of it .
    I don't remember where but read that stopping to smoke had an impact on your thyroid ??

    Anyways like many of us I am gaining wait ......but in my recent relapse I suddenly lost 8 kilos . Made no sense to me . And felt like I was in a roller coaster while lying in bed.

    My test for thyroid TSH and T4. Which are the only ones my GP did came back normal . But beside the fact that my symptoms fit with hypo the sudden weight loss would fit with hyper??

    My cortisol is a little low in the morning though.

    So now what should I do. I can't get to a better doc cause I'm housebound. But will talk about this stuff with my GP.

    What supplements do you guys recommend??

    Thanks for the help .

    Greetings ,


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