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Looking for a vancouver, washington based naturopath (or cfs specialist) thats relatively cheap?

Discussion in 'ME/CFS Doctors' started by Jheldt, Dec 18, 2015.

  1. Jheldt


    Pacific Northwest
    So I've had the worst luck finding a good doctor/specialist that treats CFS, I am on basic health and while I just created a business and have some other income coming in, the health plan I am on (and then switched to) doesn't cover naturopaths or someone that is knowledgeable in treating my CFS. This is so frustrating, if this keeps up I may just try to get some new health care coverage that has a doctor that can treat my illness. I even switched it over to columbia united health providers because they had naturopaths only to be informed, I would only get it for one month before switching to molina, because columbia united providers will no longer be carried. It's been a year or more since I've been to a doctor that can treat my CFS on medicaid, its so frustrating, if anyone can help me find a doctor preferably through medicaid I would really appreciate it.

    I can only do so much by myself to heal myself, and I do a lot of research myself.
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  2. SGR


    @Jheldt I am also in the Pacific Northwest. The doctors in the Portland area that I know of do not take insurance or are naturopaths. Dr. Genevra Liptan, MD, is a fibromyalgia specialist. Dr. Kaley Bourgeois, ND specializes in neuro immune issues. They are both in Lake Oswego. There is one more ND, Warner Vosloo, also Lake Oswego, he got his training at the Fibro and Fatigue Center, Dr. Bourgeois trained with him. Seriously, finding anyone who has a clue about this is a crazy challenge. If I learn of anyone else, I will pass it along. Best of luck.
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