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Links to the End ME/CFS marketing brochure, video library and other news

Discussion in 'Fundraising' started by Gingergrrl, Sep 27, 2015.

  1. Gingergrrl

    Gingergrrl Senior Member

    I am not sure if this has already been posted but I couldn't find it so wanted to share it with everyone. These came in my latest e-mail update which said to share them far & wide on social media sites, boards, etc. They are the links to OMF & the End ME/CFS Projects marketing brochure and video library:

    In addition, they said (and I am paraphrasing):

    That Phase 1 of the severely ill big data study is currently underway and they are continuing the momentum preparing for Phase 2 of the End ME/CFS project. Their goal is to insure a continuous flow of funding to keep this research going, test potential biomarkers and treatments, and take the next steps once results materialize.

    They also said that they are setting up for the following:

    1. Giving Tuesday, Dec 1st - To ignite excitement, we have a very generous donor that has offered to match three times on the dollar up to $25,000 for all donations received on Giving Tuesday, Dec 1st!

    2. Year end appeal - We will have a year-end drive for recurring donations which will provide a consistent, reliable funding stream to keep our efforts moving fast forward.

    3. Make your own fundraising page- We will be rolling out "make your own page" for fundraising via Crowdrise so that people can raise money for ME/CFS research (in lieu of gifts) for birthdays, anniversaries and celebrations.

    4. We have already set up "Give by Shopping" which is the best and easiest way to raise money because people are spending money for the holidays anyway and they can have donations go to OMF without any additional costs to them. Promote this now so friends and family can sign up easily for their holiday shopping.
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  2. geraldt52

    geraldt52 Senior Member

    I really like it when someone is able to set up a "matching donation".

    For those of us making small donations, it makes us feel like we're doing something more significant. For the donor of the matching donation, I would think that it gives them some confidence that they're not trying to fund something so large all by themselves. Win-win...and it all adds up.

    I believe that we're starting to see some evidence that the path to getting government funding is by potentially shaming them. If anyone can help, even a little bit, Dec 1st would be a good day to do it. We should easily be able to make it a $50K day...

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